After a fairly rainy 2019, I had high hopes that this Winter would be similar. Unfortunately, much of the season has been extremely windy and dry. Most people dread humidity, but I'm the opposite and dread the desert-like climate of my area. I also have mild eczema that flares up in Winter, so I make it my mission every year to try and avoid the symptoms of dry, red, itchy skin. Thankfully, relief can be found in the skin care aisle. There are so many more options these days than there used to be!

Here are my current favorites.

People with dry skin usually have a dry scalp, and there's nothing more irritating than that! I've heard a lot about scalp treatments and exfoliators, so when I saw this product at Target I decided to give it a shot. My scalp has been in pretty good shape over the lasy year, but I do get occasional boughts of itching and flakiness. I've used this treatment a handful of times and it's worked well at soothing my scalp. The treatment has a nice cooling, tingling sensation that rinses squeaky clean. I think because so many of us go that extra day now without washing our hair, our scalps need more attention and extra nourishment. Dry shampoos can also cause buildup and congested pores, which definitely affect the health of both the scalp and hair. If you have any sort of dryness, definitely try this treatment! If you don't, try it anyway! Trust me, you'll love it.

The rough, dry patches and bumps on my lower legs have been intense this Winter. I'm talking itching that feels more like burning. Just super uncomfortable, even unbearable at times like I want to crawl out of my skin. At the beginning of the month, I'd had enough and stalked the internet for help. So many reviews gave this balm by Aveeno an A+ rating, so I quickly purchased a jar. This treatment is super thick, almost sticky. It kind of reminds me of vaseline, only richer. Containing colloidal oatmeal, it soothes on contact but really takes effect after a few minutes on my skin. I really don't know what I'd do without it now! I use it mostly in the evenings as part of my nightly routine. In the mornings, I use a regular body cream and then lightly put this on any obvious dry patches. This also comes in a version for children, as I know eczema is common in kids. Go figure I just never grew out of mine. 

Hydration is key to any Winter skin regimen, but so is exfoliation. In order to get rid of dry, dull skin, you really need to exfoliate. Some people do it daily, but I do it two or three times per week. These facial radiance pads from First Aid Beauty make it so easy and convenient. After cleansing, I sweep a pad across my entire face (especially around my nose and chin) and it instantly reveals brighter skin. It also helps to improve the texture, so my foundation applies more evenly and my overall complexion just looks healthier and more glowy. 

Let me know if any of you struggle with eczema or dry skin in general. I would be happy to do more posts on this if you're interested!

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