When it comes to hair, I'm all about low maintenance. It's not necessarily because I don't have the time or desire to do more, it's because I don't have the patience. Like all of my beauty routines, I prefer a simple, more natural style. I want to enhance what I like, conceal what I don't, and above all I want to look and feel my best. Beauty doesn't have to be complicated - in fact, it really shouldn't be.

A hair routine does involve some trial and error. It's taken me years to figure out what types of products I like, what I'm willing to budget for, areas where I can cut costs and corners, and a hair stylist that really knows my preferences. It wasn't always this easy; I've tried so many different brands both from the drugstore and higher end. You have to figure out what you're really aiming for and you have to be realistic. I'm a naturally dark brunette, so going platinum blonde or even a honey blonde just isn't in the cards for me. I could try, but I'd ruin my hair and that's the last thing I'd want! So I stick with my brown locks, try my best to work with my natural wavy, frizzy texture and I focus on adding lots of moisture and shine. I do have some lighter balayage at the crown, but I do very little color treating and am planning on going a bit darker again. I also trim my hair every few weeks to get rid of any dead ends. I had to cancel my appointment right before the quarantine began so it's not in the best shape at the moment! Once it's safer to leave home, I'm hoping to get in to see my stylist for a refresh.

Until then, this is my low fuss routine. It won't work for everyone or every hair type, but I hope some of you find the tips useful.

My hair type: each strand is fine, but I have a lot of it. It is naturally wavy and very frizz prone.

1) Shampoo every three days or twice per week. 
I currently use a shampoo called Clear but I believe it's being totally discontinued. I used to buy it at the drugstore, but can barely find it online. Are any of you familiar with it? Heidi Klum was the spokesperson ages ago. The idea is that good hair begins at the scalp and I am a huge advocate for that. My scalp tends to get very dry, so I focus on its health every time I wash. Unfortunately I also have oily hair, so that's a winning combination. Shampooing every three days seems to be the lucky number for me.

2) Use a scalp scrub or mask twice a month.
I've written about this scalp therapy here, and I've noticed a difference. My scalp is less itchy, less flaking occurs, and less congested. Remember, your scalp is still skin! It can get clogged and irritated just as your face can.

3) Deep condition once a week. 
A nourishing deep conditioning treatment is vital to maintaining healthy hair. I usually leave mine on while I shave and cleanse my body so it can really work its magic...the longer it stays on the better. I also use an overnight mask when my ends are especially brittle, then wash and rinse it out the following day.

4) Air dry when possible. Otherwise, limit heat styling.
Now that many of us are staying home, why not give the heat styling a rest? I've completely taken a break from straightening and curling. I can't quite give up the blow dryer, but I use a low heat setting and then seal the ends with a blast from the cool button.

5) Don't overdo dry shampoo.
It's tempting to slap on the dry shampoo when you want an extra day to avoid washing it, but dry shampoos cause so much buildup. My hair stylist has told me some truly disgusting horror stories! I won't share here, but let's just say she's seen an increase in awful scalp issues over the last couple years because dry shampoo has skyrocketed in popularity. Now there's nothing wrong with it per se and we all want to simplify our daily hair routines by washing it less. Just be careful of how frequently and how much you're using.

6) Limit the amount of styling products you use. 
Less is more. Piling on different products to achieve certain results seems like a great idea, but it all can end up doing more harm than good. I know that my hair looks weighed down very easily, so I use a leave-in conditioner while my hair is damp, then follow up with an anti-humidity/shine spray once it's all dry. You really don't need more than two or three products max, and a little goes a long way. It also cuts down on cost. I can't afford to be buying Oribe or Ouai every other month.

What's your daily or weekly hair routine? Do you like to experiment with yours, or are you low maintenance? If you're someone who loves playing with trends and color, how do you care for your hair? I could talk about it all day!


  1. I love Oribe products! They are expensive but worth it, and like you wrote a little goes a long way. Thanks for the post, your hair has always looked really healthy :)

    1. Thank you, but you should see it today LOL. I just texted my friends a picture of my dry, sad ends. Nothing a major trim can't fix though! There really is no substitute for a haircut, but good products help!

  2. I wish Oribe worked for curly hair, they have the coolest packaging!

    1. Yeah, they don't seem to have products specifically for curly girls huh? Well, are you listening Oribe? I bet many people have asked.

  3. Great tips! I've tried to stretch my washing out to 3 days too. I try to avoid the dry shampoo because it tends to make my scalp itchy during the day. I've never done an overnight mask. I need to try that! I bet it makes it SO soft!

    1. Dry shampoo really is one of those products I've always found a bit overrated. Especially because I know how often they are used! Just thinking about it makes me itch. Definitely try an overnight mask though - it truly makes a difference!

  4. These are good tips and I bet your hair is very healthy! I tend to use too much product I am afraid.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. Whatever works for you is what you should do! These are only what I have found effective for my hair type over the years :)


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