I always pare down my makeup routine during the hot Summer months, and now with staying at home, I'm using even less products on a daily basis. It's a funny thing really - I've played with makeup ever since I can remember, have even collected it throughout the years. But when it comes down to it, I prefer a very minimal, effortless look. Especially as I get older, I find that wearing less makes me look and feel younger instead of layering or covering my skin with a bunch of different products. Sheer, buildable powders and creams are what I look for when buying anything new, and now with Summer right around the corner, it's the perfect time to embrace our natural beauty.

Before we start applying any makeup, don't forget the SPF: I go for a lotion that's oil-free and absorbs quickly, but it depends on your specific skin type. I also frequently use sunscreen as my regular body lotion and slather it on from head to toe pretty generously. Whatever brand you like, just make sure you use something to protect your skin.

Cheeks and Brows: Every women's magazine I've read recommends switching to cream blush during Summer, but it wasn't until I found cloud paint from Glossier that I happily bought into the idea. I use my finger to dot a small amount and blend out. It adds just the right amount of color, looks incredibly natural, and lasts all day. You can also top it with powder for even more color and lasting power, but I prefer not to. As for brows, I like a tinted gel that fills in sparse areas and keeps them in place. This doesn't create a defined brow, but it does help brows look more polished.

Eye Cream: I'm a big fan of eye cream in the morning, as it instantly adds moisture and therefore makes eyes look refreshed and awake. If you wear concealer, it also goes on more evenly if you apply an eye cream first.

Glossy Lips: Sheer, glossy lips are quintessential Summer aren't they? Easy to reapply, flattering on everyone, and just feels so good on.

Curl Lashes and Add Mascara: I've been skipping these steps on some days, but a little curl and a light coat of your favorite (waterproof) mascara is a must for many people.

Finish With Fragrance: This may sound ridiculous, but spraying perfume is my favorite part of my daily routine. Brushing my teeth, washing my face, applying makeup...the grand finale is being instantly uplifted by this beach-inspired fragrance.

With the long Memorial Day weekend coming up, maybe you can try a more minimal routine and take that extra time you'll save to enjoy some sun! I'll be back next week.


  1. I used to use gel blush in the summer, but when the company stopped producing that kind, I never found a substitute. I'll have to try out what you recommended!

    1. Glossier cloud paint is great Laura! My shade is in dusk, which is a beautiful neutral that livens the face. Beam also looks really pretty! let me know if you do ever try it.

  2. Hey Noelle! What tinted gel do you use for your brows?

    xo, tasha

    1. Hey Tasha, sorry for getting back to you so late! I use Glossier boy brow. The brush is tiny and really gets every little hair. I know there are many drugstore brands that carry a version of it but Glossier is great.


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