I've gone through so many thoughts and emotions over the last few weeks. Name it and I've probably felt it. In my last post, I mentioned not knowing my place here anymore. I've gone back and forth over whether to continue blogging or to close it down, but ultimately I still have things I want to document, both fun and more personal. My voice may not always be necessary, I may hesitate when certain events are happening that I don't know how to process, let alone write about. But I do want to keep going, because I probably need this space and need you way more than you need me. I've been alone in quarantine a lot, and blogging has offered me a window to the outside world. While our state continues to reopen at a rapid pace, I'm still nervous about venturing out. While most people I know are heading to public spaces again, I'm taking my time and doing things very slowly. I mean, getting my haircut was a huge deal for me!

So moving forward, I will continue to focus on the things I love like beauty products, my style, and mental health posts. Please know that I'm very much aware of the history-making events taking place in our country right now, and that I stand in solidarity with black and brown voices. It's also pride month, and I stand with the gay community as well.

 I will only produce content that I truly love and am passionate about, and that sometimes will include heavier topics, especially as they relate to mental health. But, I'll also get back to talking about less important things like style and beauty. We could all use a little of that, right? I haven't used affiliate links since March, but I'm going to incorporate them again in case you're ever interested in the exact products I buy and use. I won't link similar products any longer, only exact because I want to provide more transparency with you...if I haven't actually bought the product or item myself, then how can I even recommend it? I do want to make some small changes to my actual blog (I'd love to ditch the name and just blog under my own) but that will come later. It's true the world has changed so much over the last few months, and as I struggle to keep up, I am doing my best to embrace it. I think if this happened a couple years ago, I would have completely fallen apart and gone into a full-blown depression. Thankfully, I have done some actual hard work on myself, and I am better equipped now to pivot and deal with the changes. If you have anything you'd like to discuss, let me know in the comments. I love hearing from you!

Thank you for reading,



  1. I always love reading your posts whatever to topic, so I'm happy you will keep blogging.

    1. Thank you Rachelle, you've always been so supportive and I appreciate that! Especially since most of our friends don't blog anymore. It's nice to still be able to interact with you on here :)

  2. I'm glad you are continuing to blog! I think the best bloggers do it for themselves and not anyone else because then their content is relatable and authentic!


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