I bought most of these products in April, and since I've had time to put each of them to the test, I wanted to share my feedback. From now on, I will do monthly reviews on the beauty products that I have purchased from either a month or two before. I love sharing my honest opinions, and hope that some of you will find them helpful in case you are thinking of trying them too!

Tatcha The Silk Peony Eye Melt Cream:
I really wanted to fall in love with this eye cream, but after using it every morning and evening for two months, I don't think I'll buy it once it runs out. The formula feels thin, and I prefer a thicker, richer consistency. It absorbs very quickly which makes it ideal for daytime, but it doesn't provide enough lasting moisture. I also haven't noticed much of a difference in my under eye area, and for the price, I expected at least some change in puffiness and dark circles. I absolutely love my Tatcha silk canvas primer and was certain that an eye cream by the brand would blow me away, but I'm disappointed. I plan on going back to Origins or Kiehls in the Fall when I really need extra hydration.

Recommend: No

Drunk Elephant Time to Wake Up: 
These serums are bundled together and I use them as such, so it's hard to tell which makes more of a difference in my skin. I use one small pump of each, mix them in on my fingertips a bit, and then pat them onto my skin before my moisturizer/sunscreen. The C-firma is very sticky and smells unpleasant, while the B-hydra is smooth with not much fragrance. Once applied, the scent goes away and the texture of my skin immediately softens. They do provide some sort of a glow as well. I really love the idea of a "time to wake up" serum in the morning, but I wouldn't say that it's absolutely necessary. A good eye cream and an allover moisturizer with SPF does the trick!

Recommend: Yes, if your skin is dull and needs something extra

Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo: 
I initially loved this shampoo, but after a few weeks, I am now on the fence! It makes my hair incredibly soft, adds a ton of moisture, and smells like candy. You also need the tiniest pea sized amount! The only downfall is that because it's so thick, you really need to make sure that you rinse it out extremely well or otherwise it will leave a film. You also need to use a clarifying shampoo a couple times a month in order to get rid of any buildup, but I do that anyway because I've had some issues with my scalp in the past. It would be amazing to find a shampoo that takes care of every problem, but I have yet to discover one. I think if you have super thick, damaged, or color-treated hair then you will enjoy this shampoo. I'm going to keep using it.

Recommend: Yes, but don't use too much and rinse well

Blossom Nail Polish Remover Spring Bouquet: 
Since I'm back to doing my own manicures (even before Covid really), I was down to the last drop of my previous polish remover and was wanting one that didn't contain acetone. My cuticles are always dry, and acetone makes the dryness and peeling worse. I spotted this at Target and decided to give it a go. It's organic, acetone-free, and doesn't smell like a typical nail polish remover. The floral scent is okay, but the reason why I like it so much is that it feels like a cuticle oil! It's actually moisturizing which totally surprised me. It does take a little more patience to remove polish, but it does the trick! I haven't tried it on real gel polish (only gel-like such as Essie's gel couture), but I'm really happy with this safe, non-toxic formula.

Recommend: Yes

I hope you enjoyed these reviews, and let me know if you've tried any of the products! I have some good stuff to review next month.


  1. If I didn't love my shampoo so much, I would so try this Olaplex one, I love their treatment.

    1. I still have yet to try their treatment but every single review I've read says it's amazing! I'm sure I will try it eventually, probably in the Fall.

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