"Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?"
Henry David Thoreau

It's difficult to sum up the month of June 2020. It was challenging, heartbreaking, emotional, optimistic, a time for reflection, love, growth. I feel like everyone is learning a lot right now, myself included. I've read more in the past few weeks than I read all of last year. I struggled a lot with anxiety, but I had more tools in my arsenal to help me manage. 

I keep doing something I shouldn't do though, and that's replaying the past. This time last Summer I was on an epic road trip, making my way through Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. I was virtually carefree, mimicking the winding open roads, hills, and rivers we chased down in our car. Last Summer wasn't that long ago but it feels like it happened in a dream. I don't know...I really don't think I'm handling things well. Most people are being cautious in regards to the pandemic, but they are still managing to live their lives as best they can. Some days I feel like I just put mine on pause indefinitely. When will I be able to press play again? 

I'm just being honest. That's where I'm at right now. But don't worry, I still have my monthly recap for you :)

I finished burning my first Homesick candle and decided to turn the container into a vase. These beautiful nude-pink carnations are sitting on the kitchen table. They may not be considered chic flowers (I know plenty of people steer clear of them) but I love carnations. They seem to last a long time too. 

To repurpose any candle: 
1. Burn the candle down to the very bottom, and then wait a couple minutes to scoop out the warm wax. You can also throw some hot water into it to soften the wax. I just used a large spoon and the wax/leftover wick came right out.
2. Using a large bowl with soap and warm water, wash the container out using a scrub brush. I let mine sit in the bowl for a few minutes as well. 
3. Dry the inside and outside with a towel and voila, a new flower vase, makeup brush holder, etc. is ready to be used. 

Getting outside is one of the only things I'm comfortable doing right now. My in-laws have a beautiful backyard with a pool that's been our go-to spot on the weekends. We always take Nettie. She's a great swimmer but is afraid to get in, so we make sure to strap a life vest on her and do our best to encourage her into the water with treats. 

I got my hair cut on June 12th, where my stylist took two inches off of dead, dry ends. It felt glorious! I'm going back in August for a color refresh. Although I love the warmth of my current balayage, I'm still planning on going a bit darker again. I want my hair to be even more low maintenance in the Fall. 

I finished reading Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb. I don't do book reviews (you should check out my friend Rachelle's blog and Gina's blog for those) but I think I'm going to attempt a post about this one because there is just so much to discuss! Especially as it relates to mental health and therapy. 
I also ordered Heart Talk by Cleo Wade, and want to get her other book called Where to Begin. My goodness she has a way with words. 

I started following this account on Instagram and it has done wonders for my feed. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Reminder that you are loved, you are doing great, keep going. 


  1. you are so lucky to have your in-laws close by and they have a pool, I so miss the pool and the beach. So many things I took for granted this time last year.

    1. I really am very lucky! We rent our home and our backyard barely has any grass so it's really nice to be able to go down the road and enjoy my in-laws backyard :)

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! It's so shiny and healthy looking!

    1. Thank you Laura! It wasn't so before, trust me LOL. I think your hair always looks really pretty.

  3. Agreed, with the low maintenance hair bit. Considering going dark too, but we'll see, because also not ready to say goodbye to my blonde. Haha!! ;) And awww, pool weekends with your pup look glorious. Happy Thursday, friend xo V

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  4. I agree with you, I love carnations too! I like to mix them in with other flowers like roses. Hope you have a great 4th Noelle xoxo

  5. I feel like I to have hit pause on life and don't know how to get started again. I feel jealous of anyone out in the world just living life, even though pandemic-wise, nothing has changed, and just feel so conflicted about which and how many risks I want to take. This was a hard month to process, and it seems simply natural to be craving last years adventures, before you knew how crazy the world could get in just a year.


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