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Like many of you, I'm growing tired of leggings and sweat pants day in and day out. Spring is my favorite season to dress for, but obviously with the current public health pandemic, everything has been put on hold. In the spirit of Spring, I wanted to put together a quick round-up on the dress silhouettes I find most flattering for petite women. We should all wear what makes us feel confident and beautiful, but there are some definite styles that work especially well on ladies 5'4 and under.

#1 Fit and Flare: This is my most worn silhouette, and the one I personally feel the most comfortable wearing. It emphasizes the upper body, creates the illusion of a smaller waist, and then skims away from the lower body like an hourglass. It's an ultra feminine look that is universally flattering no matter your body type.

#2 Midi: This particular silhouette used to scare me away because it does seem antithetical to elongating a shorter frame. However, I actually love midi styles on petite women! I often hear petites saying that they can't wear a midi or maxi dress because it makes them appear even shorter, but there are a few details to keep in mind. First, I favor one in a solid color as opposed to a busy print. Second, although they are whimsical and gorgeous, I prefer midis that don't have big ruffles, long sleeves, or excessive amounts of extra fabric. Last, I love layering a shorter jacket on top that breaks up the proportions a bit.

#3 Wrap or Faux Wrap: Similar to a fit and flare style, wrap or faux wrap dresses are universally flattering because they create an hourglass shape. They drape nicely over the body and cinch in the waist, so they are perfectly slimming. A V-neckline also adds to the effect. Whether you're curvy or straight, this style will make you look and feel polished.

#4 BodyCon: I'm curvy on the lower half, so my instinct is to steer clear from anything form fitting. However, I was pleasantly surprised a couple years ago when I discovered this now blogger favorite bodycon dress. The ruching throughout the waist helps conceal a not-so-flat stomach while also cinching the waist at its smallest area. The tulip hem comes to right above the knees, elongating the legs. I love wearing mine with a light, airy kimono during the Summer months. If you're curvy, this can still feel like a tricky style to pull off, but hey. There's nothing wrong with flaunting those curves! And if you'd like the illusion of extra curves, this style helps to do just that.

I have no idea when things will get back to normal, but I'll be wearing all of these dresses no matter what! What are your go-to dresses? I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


*Quick editor's note: I will not be using affiliate links for the next month or so. I personally am not concerned with shopping for unnecessary items during a crisis, and I'm sure most of you aren't either. Besides, I suspect you already own similar things! I will still list where they came from, but for now I'm taking a pause. Things will go back to normal with regular links after this extended period.

I'm usually very particular about the clothing I feature on my blog. I can't explain why, because what you see here is what you'll see if you know me in real life too (although a little editing helps). I just try to be thoughtful about my choices so that I can hopefully provide you with ideas you can incorporate into your own wardrobe. I love mixing brands, showing you ways to style everyday basics, and featuring pieces that are polished, fun, and flattering. So when I think of dressing to either lounge around in or work from home, that's just not something I'm familiar sharing with you! To me, indoor or home outfits equal comfort. Home has always been my sanctuary, the one place where I can be totally relaxed and myself. I don't worry about wearing lots of makeup, doing my hair everyday or putting on jewelry. I used to consider it freeing! But after being at home for several days and weeks during California's mandatory shelter in place order, I'll admit that I can't wait to put on a dress and heels again. I'll never take it for granted.

In the meantime, these are the type of outfits I'm living in. I would say lately, but we have no clear idea how long remaining at home will last. All of these looks are extremely comfortable, cozy, and dare I say...appropriate for Zoom meetings and FaceTime? At least two are!

Nectar Clothing striped top, LOFT belted knit wrap, Hue leggings

Express one eleven tee, Old Navy joggers

Barefoot Dreams cardigan, Revolve camisole, Hue leggings

Since I was in desperate need of a pedicure last week, I dug back into my favorite Spring nail polishes and picked a cheerful, happy pink. This color is by Essie and it's called "Cascade Cool." I don't have any top coat at the moment, but a quick spray of this rapid dry solution did the trick and even added some shine. My friend Kristi kindly sent it to me all the way from Oregon a couple years back, but because I was so addicted to gels, it was neglected until now! Honestly, anything bright and pink is what I'm reaching for beauty-wise this month. Pink nails, pink blush, and of course a pink pout. I bought this Charlotte Tilbury gloss at the end of February and it's all I've worn since. It's in the shade "Pillow Talk." I'm such a fan of this color as it's incredibly wearable.

I've long believed that style is an extension of who you are, a way to send a message to the outside world. In times like these when we are so isolated, it can often feel pointless or even wrong to bother. Some days, I don't bother. But on the days when I do, there's this little inkling of hope that sometime soon I can once again express myself in the way that makes me happiest - back in a flowy dress against the backdrop of my favorite wineries in town.


This outfit was photographed about two weeks ago, the last time I really put myself together and enjoyed a night out. I was so excited to show you one of my favorite Spring trends, a versatile take on a kimono-style dress that can also be worn open. I wear kimonos a lot in Summer with simple tanks and camisoles, so the option of wearing one as a dress is just perfect. In this way, it actually looks quite polished, sort of a fun take on a shirtdress. But it can also be dressed way down. Picture it over a bathing suit - I definitely plan on wearing it as a coverup over a black bikini.

I love the neutral print, and the draped sleeves are really flattering. Now that I think of it, I'll wear it again this weekend over some black leggings since that seems to be my outfit of choice for the foreseeable future. Like all of you (I hope), I've been doing what I can to occupy myself at home:

1. Streaming podcasts, shows, movies, audiobooks and music. Music has been on practially 24/7 around here. Mostly alternative rock or classic rock.
2. Cooking and cleaning. I'm on phase one of getting the house scrubbed down but I really need to declutter next!
3. Facetiming with friends and family. I'm reaching out to people I haven't spoken to in months.
4. Reading and journaling. This moment is one for the history books, so making notes on what's going on may prove to be valuable one day.
5. Giving myself a much-needed manicure, face mask, and hair conditioning treatment. It's the little things that allow for some normalcy.
6. Still working at the shop and praying our small business can survive this.
7. We have a few house projects in mind, especially our backyard that is covered in weeds!
8. We plan on taking a long drive down the coast this weekend to get some fresh air, obviously being mindful of staying far away from others if we get out to stretch our legs. A walk along the shore sounds amazing but we'll see.

I was really hoping to hear from you earlier in the week after my last post, but it's been crickets. I totally understand though. Sometimes I feel like I'm writing for an audience of one, but I'm okay with that. I have to be. This blog was born out of a need for sanity, and it will continue to serve that purpose regardless of who stops by or not...although I really would love to hear from you! This would be a great time to build up our little online blogging community again. That's my vision anyway.

I hope you're all taking care.


My favorite time to shop is in the early stages of Spring. I love the feminine silhouettes and prints, especially floral. There's just something so fun about putting on a flirty little dress and a great pair of heels. It's been awhile since I got all dressed up (with seemingly nowhere to go), but Nate's been working at the shop non-stop and when he wanted to take me out, I happily obliged! There's no time like the present.

 I hesitated showing it to you guys again, but this dress is still available in case any of you are looking for a pretty Spring outfit. I later put a denim jacket over it and I'm sorry I didn't take more photos. Layering is just another way to show how versatile dresses can be when transitioning to a new warmer season. 
For what it's worth, I first heard of Red Dress on Instagram, as they seem to collaborate with a lot of popular bloggers. I'm usually leery of trying clothes from smaller online boutiques because fit is often hit or miss. But their selection of dresses is amazing, so I went ahead and got my usual size and thankfully it worked out! I wouldn't hesitate to buy something else. As for the heels, these are still my favorite! I don't wear heels nearly as often as I used to, but I still think a classic pair of suede pumps is a wardrobe staple. You never know when an occasion might call for them. 

How are you all doing? I've been managing a crazy migraine off and on for the better part of a week, thus my lack of posting. I hope you're all staying healthy 💋

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Casual bohemian style is a huge part of California's look and culture. It's a natural fit, though I'll admit that an unclear definition required me to do a quick Google search. Just what really is "boho style" anyway? According to wikipedia, "Bohemian style, often called boho or boho chic focuses on free and flowy fashions, natural fabrics, and earthy colors and patterns." It also refers to people "who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives."

Hmmmm, I think I'm fairly conventional, but I do love flowy fabrics and earth tones. I guess there's a reason why I've become so drawn to it over the last few years, especially when I tire of structured, more classic pieces. My search led me to explore why this style was popularized by women in the 1960's and 70's as a sort of backlash against more restrictive dress codes. I'm all about comfort, so I imagine I would have been one of those women! I'm kind of a hippie at heart.

Wearing // Leith bodycon dress on sale, Similar long cardigan, Similar booties, Gorjana necklace, Similar Sezane bag

This long duster cardigan has been a great way for me to bring a little boho chic to an otherwise simple black dress. The ankle boots tie it all together, and I love the contrast of earthy tones with black, and with a bodycon dress paired with a flowing cardigan. The duster creates a lot of movement, and it lends to the carefree vibe of the outfit. We've had some beautiful sunny days and the promise of Spring is getting near. That alone puts me in a happier state of mind. I know so many of you are sick of Winter by this point and I don't blame you. We're almost in March! Patio season is getting closer and closer...

I also styled this long duster cardigan here & here in case you need more ideas. What do you think of boho style? 


I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl through and through, but I'm very picky about the ones that I choose. Dark wash jeans have always been a closet staple, mostly because they are universally flattering and extremely versatile. I've worn them to work, school, birthday parties, holidays, camping, the beach. There aren't many articles of clothing that could do all that and be considered appropriate! I also prefer mine without any rips or distressing.

I'll admit that when it comes to jeans, I'd rather stick to what I know works on my body instead of following the trends because those come and go. For example, super skinny jeans are "out" while cropped looser styles are definitely "in". I'm a big believer in wearing what you want though and who knows? Maybe I'll give one of the popular styles a try this Spring.

For now, the one pair that I'm reaching for a lot are these black high-waist jeans from Topshop.

I actually had these exact Topshop jeans in a dark wash a few years ago, but they also had a giant rip across one knee (remember that trend?) and it just never felt right for me. But I loved the "jamie" style because they were a nice higher rise and came in petite length. I'm all for tailoring your denim if you're under 5'4 (Nordstrom will even do this service for free) but when I can buy a pair that fits properly right off the rack, then by all means I do! 

Fast track to the jamie in solid black, a very close second to my favorite dark wash denim rule. These are no joke and so slimming! They practically come up to my bust, that's just how high waisted they are. I size up in these, although they do have a decent amount of stretch that hugs curves comfortably. I think this style looks best for work with a loose fitting button-down blouse, maybe in a rich jewel tone. I see a lot of women wearing them casually with a cropped sweater or t-shirt, which is what I'm wearing here with a moto jacket for warmth. Or, a bodysuit would look great since you don't have to worry about keeping anything tucked in if you prefer a tuck. It all depends on your personal style and what you feel good in. Either way, if you're petite and curvy, a higher rise black jean is something you should absolutely try this year! 

Do you have any denim brands you'd recommend? I really want to try Good American. 

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I'm sure you don't need a reminder that Valentine's Day is almost here, so instead of talking about what I'll be doing to celebrate, I want to briefly let you in on something.

I've been struggling lately with my mood, my overall outlook on the world, and with loving myself. There have been way too many days than I'd care to admit that I haven't gotten dressed or even left the house. When I have gone out things have actually been good, but always with the anticipation of retreating to my bed as quickly as possible. I know what this means, as it's all too familiar. The thing about managing depression and anxiety is that just when you feel like you've conquered them, they come back with a vengeance. They sneak up. It's so disheartening, and there's a lot of guilt associated with it because there really is so much to be grateful for.

I look around and I see all these wonderful, talented women who are getting things done, accomplishing goals, and living life to the fullest. I always thought I'd be one of them, but instead I feel like I'm just barely treading water. If I'm being completely honest, the only times I've felt human so far this year are these, when I force myself to get dressed to take blog photos. I look at them and wonder if others can tell that this is the first time in about 3 days that I've done my hair and makeup and have put myself together. I ordered this pretty new dress for Spring, and although it is indeed a pretty dress, as soon as I took it off, I immediately felt down again. As a blogger who writes about style and beauty regularly, it's ironic. Sometimes I just feel phony, like I'm portraying myself in ways that aren't real. Nate thinks it's the opposite, that these images really are the real me when I'm not clouded in sadness, anxiety, and guilt. I'd like to believe he's right.

Wearing // Floral dress (wearing medium), Similar sandals, Anthropologie necklace, sold out Madewell bag

I try not to compare my days to someone else's but sometimes it's nearly impossible. There are so many reasons to not feel good enough in today's digital world. I assumed it would be jealousy of another woman's slender figure, perfectly full eyebrows, or voluminous hair. But really, what I'm most envious of are their personalities and the way that they carry themselves. And by they, I mean women I personally know as well as women I've never met. I'm envious of women who have true confidence and who can carry a conversation without staring at the ground or fumbling their words. I'm envious of women who have taken control of their own destiny, who have taken risks to get where they are in their careers. I'm envious of women who don't constantly doubt themselves. These are the things that I envy now, and while all of this should inspire me, when I'm in a funk it just brings about feelings of self-loathing. Not exactly hearts and flowers over here.

I know depression is something I'll always struggle with. It comes and goes in waves, like most things in life. That's the beauty of it I guess. Just when I feel lower than low, something happens or someone says something to snap me back to gratitude. Who knows, by this time next week I might reread this and be embarrassed because I feel great.

I didn't intend to write a dreary post during what's supposed to be a love-filled week, but I just needed to get it off my chest. These feelings will pass. I'm going to put this dress on again for Valentine's Day, and even if my mood isn't quite as high as years past, I'm going to celebrate anyway. I think the hardest love of all, at least for me, is self-love and it's something I have to work on every day. I read a quote somewhere recently that resonated with me so I'll leave it here. "Work with your darkness, but don't let it swallow your light."

Enough about me, how are you all doing? 


I became drawn to classic preppy style in my 20's when I was in college and interning. It was a very busy time in my life where I wanted to look professional and be taken seriously, but I also wanted to be comfortable while I was commuting to campus. I was doing a lot of presentations and going on various interviews so my wardrobe needed to be functional. It consisted of mostly blazers, sweaters, ballet flats, and either black ponte pants or black jeans depending on the level of formality. Looking back, it was such a period of growth in my life, and it's where i started finding my true personal style. It was powerful in the sense that my new found style gave me confidence. It was liberating because getting dressed each morning wasn't such a chore any longer.

Today, I still reach for many of the same classic preppy pieces. I know I can count on them to look instantly polished with little to no effort. In fact, I've never felt the need to drastically tailor my style between work and play. I've been lucky to work in places that allowed for a more casual dress code, so no need to change much!

Wearing // Similar sweater here & here, Black jeans, Similar cap toe heels here, here & here, Exact bag in different classic colors

Most of the items here are fairly old and no longer available, but that's another bonus of wearing such timeless basics - there are so many similar pieces out there! You can't go wrong with a smart cable knit sweater in a classic shade, and I think most women have a pair of black jeans or pants in their existing wardrobe. This would be appropriate in a lot of work places, but if yours is more formal then you can switch out the jeans for ponte pants like these, or perhaps a pair of gorgeous wide-leg trousers. My favorite part of this look however are the cap toe slingbacks. They are so chic! Reminiscent of Chanel, they tie the outfit together quite nicely. If I still worked in an office, I'd wear some combination of this outfit daily. Since I don't, I'll still pull it out as often as I want!

What's your formula for instant polish, or what pieces do you like wearing to work/school?


When it comes to my Winter wardrobe, there's nothing I love wearing more than a great suede jacket. I remember seeing photos of my mom wearing a fabulous fringed camel jacket in the 1970's, and ever since then, it's basically been a goal of mine to recreate similar outfits. My mom's even more petite than I am, standing at 4 foot 9, but she looked miles taller in her suede jackets (and platforms). I'm definitely more conservative in my dressing than she was, but the one thing that always stood out to me was how beautifully tailored her jackets looked. It can be challenging to find things off the rack that are suitable for petites, but this moto jacket I bought a couple years ago remains one of my favorites for that very reason.

This moto jacket is from BlankNYC and I bought it during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. As soon as I saw the rich vibrant carmel color, I knew I wanted it to be mine. Warm copper tones are so beautiful in the colder months to mix in with other neutrals. However, I was super skeptical that the jacket would fit correctly. Usually arms are too long, shoulders too droopy, and the overall look is just "off". I sized up one and the fit was surprisingly spot on. It's a rare occurrence, so trust me when I tell you my reaction was a little bit giddy! My number one tip for fellow petites: look for jackets that hit at the top of the hips for a flattering silhouette that makes legs appear longer. For curvy petites, this also creates the illusion of a smaller waist.
Unfortunately this exact shade is sold out, but it comes in other neutrals that would look equally gorgeous on. It's a heavier weight, which makes it perfect for cold evenings and nights. Plus, it provides just the right amount of edge to any look.

Do you like moto jackets, and if so, what's your favorite way to wear one?


I don't know about you guys, but once we reach the middle of a current season, I always begin feeling a little bored with my everyday outfit choices. It doesn't matter if it's mid-Winter or mid-Summer - after awhile, options narrow and I lose all sense of creativity. In the past, I would start browsing online for more clothes to fill the void, but now I (mostly) stick to the pieces in my existing wardrobe. This is the perfect time where having a simple formula for getting dressed is so helpful. It may not be the most exciting, but if the goal is to look put-together, then having a formula is an easy solution.

Wearing // Revolve sweater (Similar options here & here), Wit & Wisdom jeans, Madewell booties (Similar here)

My everyday Winter outfit formula works well with our warmer climate, but you could easily make this appropriate for yours by adding a coat, scarf, and different boots. I can't pretend to know what a real heavy duty Winter is like because I have no experience with that! But this has truly been my go-to look for the last couple of weeks and I've been wearing some variation of a pullover sweater + ankle jeans + these fabulous cognac booties more often than not. I rotate between four or five cozy pullovers that serve as the focal point since the rest of the outfit is so basic. I've had this particular sweater since last year, but there are so many beautiful options at every price point right now. These ankle length jeans and the cut of the boots work really nicely. I don't have to worry about any bunching or riding and no need to try and tuck the jeans into the boots! I used to love that look but now the trend has steered towards straight leg or looser fitting jeans that skim the ankles. It's actually quite flattering so I'm a big fan. 

What about you, do you have an everyday outfit formula? I swear it's the way to go!


Southern California experienced a fairly cold and rainy Fall, and that weather has carried over into Winter and the new year. I seriously love it! When you live in a warmer climate like I do, you relish any chance you get to wear something different than you're normally able to. I've been reaching for this trench coat pretty regularly, especially on days where it rains off and on. I bought it specifically for our trip to the east coast, but it has served me well ever since. Paired with classic ballet flats, the look is functional yet chic.

You just can't go wrong with a tailored trench coat. I think most people wear them in Spring, but they can work year-round depending on where you live. It really is one of the most polished pieces you will ever own. I used to have one in a more classic style and in a traditional khaki color, but I sadly had to part ways when it no longer fit. Back in early Fall, I set out on a mission to find a decent replacement. I try to shop for petite outerwear when I can, and luckily Express came through. They have a more limited petite section than some stores do, but they also have some great staples that are extremely versatile. Although this isn't the color I had in mind, I'm really happy with it. The large zippered pockets keep my hands warm, and the length of the sleeves are perfect. I love wearing this coat with jeans, but I've also worn it over my black faux leather leggings and it definitely elevated the overall look. It would be gorgeous over a dress for a more formal occasion. The styling options are endless.

I'm really drawn to classic pieces in would you describe your Winter style?