Wait, is it even Summer yet? I think it begins towards the middle of June, but I could be wrong. I guess it doesn't really matter because it has been really hot here the past three days, and Summer festivities have officially begun! I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day! Here is what I wore Saturday night to a BBQ and birthday. I think I have found the perfect floral dress, at least one with colors that I absolutely love. I think next time I will wear my beaded t strap sandals to make the look more dressy. I will also belt the waist, but I just wanted to feel comfortable that night since hamburgers and hot dogs were on the menu :) And rowdy boys.

Forever 21 Floral Ruffle Dress. Use code MEMORIALDAY to get free shipping, today only!
BP Nordstrom Cardigan
Gold Sandals: Reef
Bag: H&M


M.A.C. 's To The Beach Collection is out! I have never, ever been this excited about swirly powders and glimmery glosses before. I know you all will see tons and tons of swatches and reviews, but I just wanted to post a few pictures of what I got. Words aren't really necessary in this case.

Splashing on top, Easy Lounger on the bottom

Marine Life Powder
*** I will say this much, if you want one of these pretty pretty powders, get on it! This is probably one of MAC's most coveted products in a long time, and for good reason. It is gorgeous! When swatched, it is a bright coral-red. I don't have a single thing like it. ***

I also ordered Hipness blush online, so I am still anxiously awaiting its arrival next week. I don't really do makeup looks, mainly because my camera isn't sufficient enough, but expect a look using these products very soon!

Did you pick anything up yet? Are you planning on indulging too?
♥ Noelle


I was watching a girl on YouTube this morning and she did a video called "15 Fashion Questions." I guess it's a tag that's making the rounds. I haven't done something like this in quite a long time, mainly because I don't want to bore my readers with unnecessary, useless information about myself. But, I kinda like reading useless information so maybe one of you do too. Here we go:

1) What is your favorite style to wear? I love to wear anything that is stereotypically feminine (my womens' studies professor would cringe). Lace, bows, peep toe heels, ruffles, soft cotton tees, jeans, little flowy dresses, belted or cinched waists, and beaded sandals are always calling my attention in a store, regardless of what time of year it may be. My style is ever-evolving, as I'm sure many of you evolve your definition of style as you get older. And hopefully wiser.

2) Who is your fashion role model? All of the celebrities I have featured in my "Celebrity Style Icon" posts are the women I like to keep my eye on in terms of clothing. However, there are countless fashion bloggers that I love to gather ideas from, as well as girls I spy on the street. My favorite thing in the world to do is sit down outside somewhere and people watch. Creepy? Possibly to some. But it's the best way to see what real girls are wearing.

3) What do you always have on? This changes every so often. I buy something that I love love love, and then wear it until I can't look at it any longer. Right now, my House of Harlow mini key necklace (which you guys have seen) is almost always around my neck.

4) What are your favorite jeans? I live in my Express Stella jeans. I have a couple that are boot leg, and a couple that are skinny. Actually, I would say they are more straight leg than skinny, but Express maybe doesn't know what real skinny jeans look like! My AE Super Skinny jeans are SKINNY! Those are good too. I used to love designer jeans, but then I realized how well Express fit my body, and at a fraction of the price.

5) What are your favorite sunglasses? My tortoise shell Michael Kors from Nordstrom Rack. I've had them for about a year, and they are perfection.

6) What are your fave shoes? Ohhhh shoes. How I love shoes! I had to include a picture of these.

Love the 1940's, round-toe feel. The most comfortable shoes I own.

7) Who influenced you to make fashion videos? Who influenced you to write about fashion? I guess the fashion bloggers I admire inspired me. When I first started this blog, I only wanted to write about cosmetics. But I have always had a love for both beauty products and fashion, so why not write about both? I'm no expert at either, just your average girl who probably should have gone to FIDM or cosmetology school. Instead, I got a BA in Human Development. Go figure.

8) What is your fave store? I can't pick one. I like: Forever 21, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Express, TJ-maxx, Marshals, DSW, H&M. I'll shop anywhere though!

9) Who is your fave fashion person on YouTube? She's a beauty guru, but I adore her OOTD videos. Her name is Michele1218. Check her out! She also has a blog too: http://michelemacpink.blogspot.com/

10) What is your favorite fabric? I love anything soft, especially cotton, silk, and chiffon. Rayon falls very well over my curves too.

11) Who is your favorite model? I really don't have one, but the VS models are beautiful.

12) If you had $ 5,000 to spend on any one item, what would it be? Easy! A Chanel bag!

13) Heels or flats? Heels for going out, flats for work.

14) What purse do you currently use?


15) Is fashion in your blood or your jeans? Cute question. It's definitely in my blood. If you saw my mother's closet, you'd understand :)

P.S. - I was also given this blog award from Carla. Thank you so much!

Hello, are you guys still with me? Well if you made it, thank you for reading ♥ And, feel free to do this tag too! I would love to hear everybody's answers.


While getting ready for the night, I decided to take some pictures of my favorite lip combination for Spring and Summer. I remember at this time last year, the it-color for my lips was pink.

With Flash

True To Life (No Flash)

MAC Lipstick in Dressmaker, Dressmaker and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Peach Petal.

Warning: Peach Petal is really, really pale on its own, almost like a lip eraser. I was tempted to return it once I got it home. But, combine it with another peach or coral lipstick and its true peachy undertones come out. I love the look paired with bronze eye shadow and coral cheeks. The whole effect is glowy and fresh, which is always the goal I try to achieve when I do my makeup.

What lip combination are you loving?


I typically don't mind (too much) being a homebody, but there's something about Summertime, those months between June - September that make me want to get the hell outta town. It seems I am not alone in this vacay anticipation. I know many of you are also planning a Summer getaway. In about three weeks, the boyfriend and I are heading to New York City for three short days, followed by five days in Ohio to meet his fam ;) I have never been to either state, and he's never been to NYC. We are beyond ecstatic about our trip, especially New York! I have wanted to go there since I was a kid. We want to see the usual suspects:

And For Me:

5th Avenue

So, I need some tips, tricks, advice! Many of you have already been there. So what else do you suggest as far as must-see or must-do? Remember, we only have three days! We've already decided we won't be doing much relaxing. I want to go to as many places as possible. And I can't forget about the packing. I hate packing! It is inevitable that I will forget something I desperately need. I am planning on dressing polished but casual during the dayime, and dressier at night. Hopefully the weather will be nice, as I honestly don't have a clue what to expect from New York in the beginning of June. Fortunately, all of these pre-vacation jitters don't stop my excitement ♥
~All images courtesy of Google~


I know there's a tag amongst the YouTube Beauty girls called "YouTube made me do it." Well this reminded me yesterday of my teeny-tiny shopping trip to Rite-Aid, where I proceeded to buy three nail polishes and a facial cleanser because both items have received rave reviews from people here on Blogger. I trust my fellow blog girls immensely, so when I read a great review on a product, especially multiple times from multiple people, I usually want to see for myself what all the fuss is about. Of course, I have to pick and choose because I'm not made of money and I can't buy everything just because I want to. Anyway, I bought three Wet N Wild Wild Shine polishes because of this post by Caitlin. Caitlin is the nail diva and so I always trust her thoughts on different nail polish colors/brands. At 99 cents a pop, I figured I couldn't go wrong.

Candy Apple Twist, Bubble Yum Gum, Lemon Drops. I predict these will find their way to my toes all Summer long!

For the past year or so, I have debated whether or not to buy Cetaphil cleanser. I know, what's to debate right? I'm pretty bad at the whole skincare thing. I think I'm in denial that I'm getting older, and that I need to start taking better care of my skin before it decides to turn against me. I have combo-oily skin, and I am prone to breakouts every so often. Not little bumps, but the horrible giant cystic kind that make people want to put paper bags over their heads and hide away for a week. It's hard to worry about wrinkles when you're still battling teenage angsty pimples! I guess that's why I've been nervous about trying a new cleanser. But everyone, and I mean everyone, tells me that this stuff is great so I'm going to try it. Heck, even the boyfriend uses it and loves it. And he's tricky.

So there ya have it. An unplanned stop at Rite-Aid before work just to pick up some things based on blogger. Are you guilty of doing the same? Have a great rest of your week!


I am so sorry I haven't blogged in awhile (Cinco De Mayo). I have been really busy the past few days with finals and birthdays and Mother's Day, oh my! All were successful, and I only have two more finals to go before I graduate on Saturday. I was browsing on-line last night and compiled a little list of things I would love to get my grabby hands on, ASAP!

Dress from Bebe. My best friend wore this on her birthday this past weekend and she looked gorgeous! The hot teal/green color will look amazing on tan skin.

Blush ruffly top from Express. I am loving the color.

I am seriously considering ordering this from Shopbop. At almost $100, it's a bit out of my price range though, so I might just have to admire it from afar.

I saw these killer Jeffrey Campbell shoes on Lulus about a month ago, and they sold out like that! But just because I can't really have them, doesn't mean that I don't want them!

I doubt I'll be picking these items up for myself any time soon, but they are all on my list. Happy Monday!
♥ Noelle


Happy May Readers!
I love the month of May. It's generally a beautiful time here in Southern California. It's cool enough where you can still get away with wearing a cardigan and jeans, but warm enough to also really enjoy flowy little dresses (or in my case, shorts and my Nordies romper). I am super busy this week with finals, but I did some shopping this past weekend. I went out with the intention of buying school project supplies, as well as some birthday goodies for two of my friends. Mission accomplished! Birthday presents for them, early graduation presents for me! I have a feeling I am going to be using the grad thing as an excuse to shop for myself all month long. And why not? It only took me a few years ;)

I went to Ulta and bought three more Essie polishes. They were buy two, get one free. I don't know what it is about Essie but I can't stop buying more bottles. I don't particularly care for the formula: watery, streaky, and quite sheer. But I just love the color selection. I bought Splash of Grenadine, a gorgeous purple pink. I am wearing it on my toes right now and it looks amazing! I only had to apply two coats. I also was lucky enough to finally grab a bottle of Mint Candy Apple. It debuted in the Winter, but it was always sold out.
Mint Candy Apple, Splash of Grenadine

I had a tough time deciding what color to get for "free" until I reached towards the back of the shelf and saw this perfect coral color. And with a name like Shop Til I Drop, I just couldn't resist.

After Ulta, I stopped at Target to hunt down some Cynthia Vincent wedges. Well, I know those are long gone and I have officially given up looking for them but I am really happy that I found these cute gladiator sandals in my size, 6 1/2. I wore these to class today and they are so comfortable! I wore them with skinny jeans and a flowy top. I wanted to take an outfit picture but just didn't have enough patience.
I am going to keep the adorable yellow box. I love how the soles are a bronze color. They look nice in the sun.

I haven't really been buying much makeup lately, especially MAC because I am saving up for the Beach Collection at the end of this month. But as I was walking through Macy's, I decided I needed this after all.
Instant Chic Blush. I am also wearing this on my cheeks today and it's really natural and buildable. I am obsessed with coral!

How's the weather where you live lately? Are you as excited for Summer as I am?