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Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and while the general consensus this year seems to be one of indifference, I'm actually looking forward to it!

Nevermind that I'm 34 and married 5 years.

Or that it sorta feels like a made-up holiday.

I still enjoy any excuse for Nate to bring me flowers, even if it's mandated by the greeting card industry.

This is what I'll be wearing tomorrow, whatever we do! Usually we go out for dinner and drinks, and this cozy blush sweater will be perfect. I ordered it from Revolve last weekend and immediately fell in love with the color.

I know I've told this story before, but I met Nate in 2003 when I was 18 and he was 21. We had a mutual friend that set us up to go on a blind date. It was supposed to be on Valentine's Day, but I postponed the date because I had prior plans with my girlfriends. Looking back, I can't help but admire my chutzpah. I mean I no longer know some of those girls because we parted ways after graduation...but I was in no hurry to ditch my friends for a guy.

We instead went out a couple nights later and it was like at first sight. We continued seeing each other for a few months, broke up for a couple years, then reconnected again, and the rest is history. This is probably why I enjoy Valentine's Day, as it brings me right back to 18 and all those fun, crazy emotions of first love. Luckily for me, my first love became my forever love - and now I'm blushing, so I'll stop there.

Do you celebrate at all? Either way, Happy Valentine's to you 💗

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As I get older, I approach style very differently than I used to. I used to dress mostly to please others, and to convey an image of who I wanted to be. Now that I'm in my thirties, I dress mostly to please myself, and to convey an image of who I am presently. In other words, what you see is what you get. And that makes getting dressed everyday so much more enjoyable.

Whatever your style may be, there are certain classic pieces that look amazing on everyone and are sure to save you time and effort. Consider them the building blocks of a practical, thoughtful, and yes even chic wardrobe. 

Key Pieces For Building A Classic Wardrobe

Neutral-colored soft trench coat: A soft trench coat is obviously less structured than a traditional trench coat, but it still looks just as polished. The one I'm wearing is a few years old from Macy's, but brands like Express and Asos have had versions every year. I find the draping of these coats extremely flattering.

Stripe t-shirt or top: Who doesn't own at least one striped top? Put it to use as often as possible!

Perfectly lived-in denim: There's nothing like your favorite pair of perfectly soft, slouchy, lived-in jeans. It doesn't matter the brand, as long as they fit like a glove. These are my most-worn pair of Old Navy rockstar jeans, and I wear them weekly. The lighter wash and (very slight) distressing make for an instant classic pair.

Red bag: Red is such a power color, and a great leather crossbody bag can take you from day to night and from the office to happy hour. It really adds instant polish to any look.

Pointy-toe flats: Not everyone likes flats, and not everybody finds them comfortable, but I've been a pointy-toe flats girl since Stacy London championed them on "What Not To Wear" about a decade ago. They're great for lengthening your legs when you're not into heels.

Wear all of these pieces together, add a current trend to break up the look, or mix them in with your other wardrobe favorites. Classic doesn't have to = boring!

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If there's one item that I've been absolutely living in lately, it's this plush-knit cardigan. I've had it for awhile, and even wore it on the blog over my favorite fitted dress. Now that it's Winter and layering is a must, I reach for it weekly. What I love about cardigans is that they are universally flattering on every body type, they can be worn both to the office or while lounging, and they are just so simple to style. I personally favor longer, open cardigans with a looser fit but...these can also drown out my figure i.e. my waist. This is where a belt comes in.

I had completely forgotten what a great styling tool a belt can be, particularly if you have a curvy lower body. In order to accentuate those curves I added a wrap-style leather belt, and cinched it in at the smallest part of my natural waist. Styling note: I think in order for this to work best, an oversized cardigan is key. It gives my denim outfit some dimension and interest, and the effect makes me feel so feminine. Do you ladies wear belts frequently? I hope I've convinced you to give this style strategy a try!

Just a quick life update: our dog went into surgery on Monday and although she's uncomfortable and in some pain, she's recovering just fine. It's her second ACL surgery and I'm amazed by her toughness and strength. I could learn from that.

Monday also happened to be my friend Gina's birthday, and I had such a great time celebrating her over the weekend along with our husbands. We always have fun on our date nights. Gina and I blab about clothes and blogging, while the guys blab about pretty much everything else!

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On Saturday, I co-hosted a Christmas party with my best friend at her apartment in San Diego. We wanted it to be fairly casual but also festive! When we arrived at their place, her husband surprised us by dressing up as Santa. She went all out with tons of shimmering lights, candles, a beautiful tree, and a naughty elf that kept sneaking up to her bar cart every few minutes. We exchanged white elephant gifts and laughed the night away. Honestly it was so much fun. The holidays can be pretty hard on us emotionally. We both get the holiday blues for different reasons...but celebrating together helps. I'm hoping it can become a tradition, something to really look forward to each year.

In planning my outfit, I knew we were going to be inside most of the time so I just wanted to be comfortable yet also look put-together. I guess that's always my style philosophy! I love this Leith dress so much in gray that I had to have it in black as well. I threw on my burgundy jacket, a little leopard, and I was good to go. 

Have you gone to any parties yet this season? What did you wear?! 


Hey ladies, happy December! The holiday season is in full swing and I can't believe the year is nearly over!

I spent most of the weekend getting decorations out but amidst all the running around town, I was able to put an outfit to the test. These Spanx faux leather leggings are completely out of my comfort zone. In fact, leggings in general have been somewhat of a mystery to me. Yes they are much more comfortable than wearing regular pants or jeans, but unless I'm going to the gym or lounging around the house, I've never really considered them a suitable option for me. You guys know by now that I'm a pretty modest dresser, and I like to leave most everything to the imagination! Basically, I don't like wearing leggings as pants, and that leaves me feeling a bit limited in the styling department. But hey, you only live once and fashion should be fun so I plopped down the cash during Black Friday and ordered my own pair to try...I have some thoughts...

1. They make your rear look lifted, and we could all use that! Most of mine was covered by the tunic, but I felt confident nonetheless.

2. The waistband comes up pretty high on my stomach, which means it sucks everything in. There's enough stretch that it doesn't feel too tight or uncomfortable though, just very smooth and forgiving.

3. I wish these came in shorter lengths, because they are incredibly long on my 5'2 frame. They tucked into my new suede ankle boots nicely at first, but as you can see, that didn't last! I think I'll try them with taller boots or even flats next time.

4. I don't mind that they are long because they fit fabulously everywhere else. I did go up one size for reference.

5. They look like leather, but they definitely don't feel like leather. I consider that a plus.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings
Spanx Faux Leggings
Spanx Leggings
Faux Leather Leggings

Do you like wearing leggings? What's your favorite way to style them? I'd love some more ideas!


I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend! How did yours go?

We went camping by the beach for four days and it was pure bliss. Nate's family was out of town so we postponed our gathering. Instead of turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing, we had In-n-Out! I must've gained five pounds with all the burgers and Mexican food we indulged in, and yet round two is this Saturday so I'm reeling myself in until then!

Anyway, it was probably the best non-traditional Thanksgiving I've ever had. Waking up to the sun shining on the water and listening to the waves crashing while drinking my morning coffee and walking the dog - as I said, PURE BLISS. We seriously have dreams about selling all of our stuff and living out of an RV for a year. I know that sounds a little crazy, especially for a girl who loves clothes but I swear some days that's all I want!

Speaking of clothes, I hope you guys aren't tired of seeing my growing moto jacket collection. I can't stop reaching for them, usually when I don't know what else to wear. In my defense, Nate does work in the motorsports field so I'd like to think I'm just doing my part to represent 😉

Wearing // Old Navy moto jacket, Wit & Wisdom jeans , Zara pumps & cami (old), Sezane bag (unavailable), Gorjana coin necklace

But do you want to know the best part of camping during the holidays? No stress! Instead of pushing sales on social media (or being tempted by them myself) I instead focused on my family. 

*I did do some online shopping, but I stuck to a list I made earlier in the month and now I'm just waiting for my packages to arrive. I ordered a pair of toffee colored ankle boots, an olive sweater dress, and those faux leather Spanx leggings that everyone has. They didn't work for my best friend (I won't repeat what she said since I make it a point not to use that language on this blog), but I'm giving them a go! If everything fits nicely, you'll see them here very soon*

Did you do any holiday sale shopping this year, or are you tired of it already?! 


Happy Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed the long weekend in honor of our veterans. It was a fairly quiet one for us, although we did have the pleasure of attending a beautiful wedding on Saturday.

It's been incredibly windy and dry which undoubtedly is making the California wildfires worse. It's absolutely heartbreaking. My dad and grandmother live near Thousand Oaks, but thankfully they are alright and their homes are not threatened.

It's always difficult for me to blog about clothes when there are so many serious issues facing people, so I'll keep things brief. I'm still all about the basics, and both my cardigan and dress are must-haves. They are the perfect soft, cozy knits that I'll live in for the rest of the year and well into Winter.

You'll probably recognize this Leith dress, as I've worn it on the blog before. It has a good amount of stretch, looks flattering against my curves, is fantastic for layering, and comes in several colors. I'm contemplating getting another one in's hard to resist! As a rule, I try not to buy items in multiple colors anymore but I've got to admit that this dress is very tempting because of how versatile it is! Go up one size in case you are interested. I'm a pretty standard medium across the board, but I had to get a large in this and the fit is perfect. 

The Old Navy cardigan is a recent buy from one of their never-ending sales. I don't know how people keep up with them! It's also very soft and layers well over dresses. All I need is a pair of ankle boots and I've got my Thanksgiving outfit covered. 


I've loved midi dresses since I was a kid, and I'm pretty sure that watching reruns of I Love Lucy are mostly to blame. I started wearing midi skirts and dresses a few years ago when they became trendy again, and I still can't let them go. Midi dresses are so feminine, and they can also be surprisingly comfortable. I love being able to move around freely in a midi length while still looking polished. 

After seeing this dress on Lilly last Spring, I immediately bought it and have worn it countless times since. Dinners, a family gathering, and more recently on the plane ride to Mexico! Hey, the elastic waist makes it feel like I'm wearing sweatpants. 

Wearing // Older Ann Taylor midi dress, Old Navy moto jacketSam Edelman flats, Chelsea28 white bag, cool option here & here

In order to bring the dress into Fall, I simply added the moto jacket I raved about in my last post. Camel and blush pink look beautiful, and I decided to tie them together with white accessories (which are still very much on trend for Fall and Winter). Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? For that matter, who says you can't bring your warm weather favorites into the colder months? I've really been on a mission this year to get the most use out of different pieces in my closet and although I struggle with it at times, I think I've done well overall. I'm much happier dressing (and blogging!) this way and I hope I'm giving you some ideas! 

Midi dress styling option seen here


I said a couple weeks ago that I would be saving my moto jackets for cooler weather. Well, let's just say I couldn't resist wearing this one. It's THE BEST jacket for Fall and there are a few reasons why...

First. I just love the look of a moto jacket to pull together an outfit. It feels a bit younger and edgier than your typical cozy cardigan, and I think one transitions easily from day to night. Great for a date!

Second, this moto jacket in particular is a nice weight for in-between weather. It's not true suede, so it's much less heavier than the real thing. I have one from BlankNYC and although I absolutely adore the fit and color, it's quite substantial so it's been designated as my Winter coat. The one I'm wearing here is much more versatile.  

And third, this moto jacket comes in several beautiful colors. I love them so much that I grabbed one in burgundy as well.  For reference, I sized down one size. My jacket collection is small but useful. I can pull any of them out and each one goes with everything from dresses to denim. 

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Hey ladies, happy Tuesday. I hope you are enjoying your week so far! I'm back with a casual outfit that's perfect for cool Fall days. Our weather is still fluctuating quite a bit but that's typical here - my safest bet is layering so I can adjust when I need to throughout the day.

I bought this jacket from Express over the Summer when Gina featured it on her blog, and I'm so glad that I grabbed it while I could! This style is so practical for everyday wear, and it can easily be dressed down like I've done here or dressed up. In fact, I love wearing it over a little black dress and ankle boots for a night out with Nate. My exact jacket seems to be sold out, but I've seen similar jackets at Old Navy, Gap, and Target. 

Speaking of Target, I have to say that I'm really impressed with their a new day line. They make such great basics, like the tank top I have on here. I love it so much that I also bought a striped version. They have the perfect amount of stretch, are a thicker weight so they suck you in, and are incredibly comfortable and flattering. I'm wearing my usual size medium and they are true to size. I highly recommend them if you need to replenish any basics in your wardrobe. Also, the leopard flats were an impulse buy after seeing them on another blogger. They are also by a new day and are a great way to incorporate leopard into an outfit if you're a little shy like me. 

After seeing mine, what are your favorite Fall basics? 


I'm still working on gathering photos and collecting my thoughts regarding my recent vacation. I'm sorry it's taking so long! I could just throw a bunch of pictures at you but I'd like it to be more thorough. In the meantime, I thought I'd share how I'm slowly transitioning to a Fall wardrobe. It's been really hot here this entire month, but that hasn't stopped me from pulling out the jeans I bought during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. I'd been dying to finally wear them! They fit like a glove, especially in the waist. The hidden band inside them is the key; they lay perfectly flat against your midsection creating the appearance of a totally flat tummy. Plus, they are incredibly soft and comfortable. If anyone is in need of a new denim brand to try that's still affordable, go for Wit & Wisdom. I have two pairs now and am looking into more as the weather begins to cool down.

The perfect transitional outfit for me will always consist of a great pair of dark denim, a pretty top, and metallic accessories.

Tops that tie in the front are still going strong in the trend department, and when I saw this striped version at a local boutique, I knew it would become a staple. During the Summer, my style is more flowy and slightly bohemian, but come Fall, I go for a more classic tailored look. 

I'm actually pretty happy with my Fall additions from last year. I'll continue to carry my Sezane shoulder bag, longline cardigans, and ballerina flats. 

However, there are definitely a few trends that I'm interested in for Fall 2018: 

1. Marigold everything: It's such an uplifting shade! I love it with a matte red lip.

2. Cap toe slingbacks: Chanel-inspired (or maybe the real thing) but they are so polished.

3. Hunter green bags: I've been dying for a rich jewel toned bag, and I've settled on green. 

4. Check blazers: Versatile and chic, a check or plaid blazer is the perfect topper. 

5. And yes, even sock boots have my attention this season! A little late to this but that's okay. 

Shop my picks below! See anything you like? What's on your radar this Fall? 


This floral kimono is one of my favorite purchases of Summer, and I've worn it repeatedly with everything from dresses (last seen here), to jeans and a cami, to denim cutoffs, and here with a knotted tee and mini skirt. If you haven't tried the kimono trend yet, I mean...why not? I own three and cycle between them constantly. Depending on the print/color/length, there's something for everyone. I wear mine over a bathing suit as well and it's just the right amount of coverage.

It's funny how much my attitude has changed over the years regarding which outfits to share on this blog. Not too long ago, I would spend quite a bit of time carefully picking each item, worrying if the look was unique, inspiring, or conveying a particular mood. Now I feel much more comfortable in just showing you ME, and it doesn't have to be tied to some perception I want to put out there. I used to obsess over every little detail, and God forbid I repeat wearing the same things too frequently. I've seen the light finally this year and now I realize the value I'm getting out of simply documenting the things that I truly love to wear, regardless of how often I've already shown them to you. I know I've spoken on this a lot lately, and I sound like a broken record but the fact that I featured this kimono just two weeks ago and am sharing it again had me thinking about all this. I know, deep thoughts.

Speaking of which, it's still incredibly hot and smokey here due to all the fires but we are fortunate to be safe in the area we live in. I've been keeping everyone in my prayers, all the families, animals, and firefighters battling the flames. I hope you will too.

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