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Last month, I discovered 5 new beauty products that I'm absolutely loving and highly recommend you try. I don't say that too often because everyone is different and beauty preferences are personal. However, I feel like many of you would love these products and the results they give.

{Just a reminder that I always show products in natural light}

I came across this highlighter palette through Michele1218. I've followed her for years on YouTube and really trust her recommendations, so when she featured this palette a few weeks ago, I knew I needed to try it too. There are three universally flattering shades: pearl, golden quartz, and rose gold. All three are super soft and buttery, with the most gorgeous shimmer that's easy to blend out for that perfect Summer glow. I use the golden quartz and rose gold shades across my cheekbones, and pearl in the corners of my eyes. All three have great color payoff. I'm impressed! If there's one product you try from my reviews, let it be this! 

I prefer using powders most of the year because I have oily skin, but come Summer, I reach for lightweight creams and gels that last through heat. Cloud paint in Dusk is a gorgeous wash of tawny nude that lasts for hours. I use a stippling brush to swirl it onto the apples of my cheeks, and it creates a seamless stain of natural color. It doesn't even look like makeup, just your body's own natural flush.
Boy Brow is a tinted gel with the smallest brush. It contains tiny fibers that adhere to your brows to make them look fuller and polished. You guys know I hate how thin my eyebrows are from my bad teenage years of over tweezing. There isn't a ton I can do to correct those mistakes, but this gel really does fill in the sparse areas and gives my brows more depth.
Both of these products are the cornerstones of the brand, and I can definitely see why.

I'm not one to switch up my setting powder or foundations, but I kept seeing so much buzz around this product. My NYX HD powder was almost empty, so during the Sephora Spring sale last month, I ordered the Pro Filt'r setting powder in lavender. Having a lavender hued setting powder may seem strange, but it goes on completely translucent and is the silkiest powder I've ever felt. I have fairly oily skin, and this sets my makeup all day long. It's quite expensive, especially in comparison to NYX, but I have a feeling I'm not going to want to go back. It leaves a natural, soft matte finish.

I'm extremely happy with the coverage and lasting power of my favorite concealer, but I was still craving a bit more brightness underneath my eyes. I wanted to look fresh and youthful, and this brightening corrector from Becca helps achieve just that. It's a cream product that feels slightly tacky to the touch. I use my ring finger to apply a small amount underneath my eyes, on top of concealer. I pat and press it on, so the heat of my finger warms up the product, and then I use a small brush to set it with the Fenty powder mentioned above. The effect isn't quite Kardashian-esque, but close!

Let me know if you try any of these! I always like hearing your thoughts. Happy shopping 💋


I got my Sephora Spring sale order last week, and I wanted to quickly share my initial impressions of each product. Honestly, nothing excites me more than a good Sephora haul! All of the products I bought have been making the rounds within the beauty community, and I naturally had to try them for myself.

Ouai Treatment Masque:  I discovered this brand through my FabFitFun Spring box when Ouai's leave-in conditioner was included. I raved about that product so much that I decided to try this deep conditioning treatment masque. I've used it twice so far and am really impressed with how thick, rich, and luxurious it feels in my hair. It has left my ends so soft, and the wonderful scent has lingered in my hair until I washed it again.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Setting Powder: Not sure if anyone knows this, but I'm a huge Rihanna fan. This is the first product I'm trying from her Fenty Beauty line, and so far I'm completely sold! I got this in the translucent "lavender" shade and it set my makeup beautifully The true test will come once I take photos wearing it, but I have high hopes.

Becca Cosmetics Under Eye Brightening Corrector:  I got this in the light to medium shade. It seems as though every year my under eye area gets darker and darker. I've tried so many different brighteners but this one is thicker. The color is perfect for my skin tone, and it does make me look more awake.

These were added to my order because I had some points to take advantage of. I've been using the Urban Decay All-Nighter spray for years, and I seriously cannot be without it. Since we're going on a road trip next month, I figured a travel size would be ideal to take with me.
The Drunk Elephant C-Tango multivitamin eye cream will also be packed. This is my first time trying a product from the brand, but so far I really love using this eye cream in the morning before applying my under eye concealer and corrector. It lightens up the entire area around my eyes.

I'll touch on these products again once I've really had the chance to use them.

Blogging Q&A

A few weeks ago, My friend Gina over at On The Daily Express tagged me and a few other ladies to answer some questions about blogging. I remember when I first began Beautygirl24, tagging, sharing, and awarding other bloggers within the beauty and fashion community was really popular and I miss that sense of camaraderie. It's been awhile since I've even thought about some of these questions so I hope you enjoy my answers! Please feel free to share your experiences with me as well, even if you don't have a blog but are a blog reader.

1. How did you first get into blogging?
I started my blog around 2009 during my last year in college. I was 24 and completely obsessed with beauty blogs and the YouTube beauty community. I didn't really have any hobbies at the time, and I just wanted to feel involved in something so I signed up with blogger. I had no intentions, no plans. It was pretty haphazard actually. This was long before Instagram, the big social media boom, and monetization platforms. I think RewardStyle was in its infancy. I felt zero pressure to make any money with my blog because it didn't occur to me that I could. Otherwise, I would have taken it more seriously! I was even embarrassed to tell friends and family about it, so I kept it under wraps for years. It was my little secret, my tiny corner of the internet where I could write about the things I loved.

2. What has been the best strategy that has worked well for you to get more blog traffic?
In the beginning, getting traffic to my blog was surprisingly easy! I think because it was such an open, like-minded community, and blogs were incredibly popular. I consumed, I read, I commented on SO many blogs and others did the same. It was fun! People were genuinely interested in building a community together. The tent was huge, and the attitude was "the more, the merrier." There was something very special about it and I'm happy that I began blogging when I did. Now the community feels fractured, and the truth is, a lot of people no longer care about blogs. Everyone wants instant gratification from platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Attention spans are waning. I'll freely admit that my traffic has slowed a ton over the last three years. I'm not consistent enough. If you're really wanting traffic, consistent posting/scheduling is key. I also recommend linking up with other bloggers and being an active participant in the community.

3. How do you motivate yourself to keep your blog going and who is your go-to for fashion inspiration?
I keep blogging because I love writing about style and beauty products, and I need this creative outlet in my life. Blogging the way I have over the years, this feels like a journal and it's fun to keep a record of how I've changed (and haven't changed) over time. It's hard to believe I've been at this for 10 years; sometimes I wonder if my time has passed but I'm not ready to stop. This space keeps me sane, and I love connecting with you. I'll do it until it no longer serves me. That sounds so selfish but it's always been true. That's the beauty of it for me though. I don't have a manager or PR firm backing me, no assistants, and most importantly, no ego. I can only imagine the pressure that full-time bloggers experience. My go-to fashion inspiration still remains the people I see on the street, other bloggers, women I admire whom I want to emulate. Inspiration is everywhere.

4. How would you describe your personal style?
I gravitate towards classic pieces with feminine silhouettes. Because I live in California, I also love casual basics with a bohemian touch. Classic + feminine + bohemian are the words I'd use to describe my aesthetic. Oh, and simplicity is best!

5. What's one thing you wish you understood sooner about blogging?
I'm going to contradict myself here, but I DO wish that I had taken blogging more seriously from the very beginning. I distinctly remember when RewardStyle accepted me into their affiliate program. I was driving to my job one day, in a total hurry, and my account manager at the time called me and wanted to talk. She wanted to help me grow my account, but I sort of blew it all off because Hell, I had just graduated from college with a degree - blogging was just this silly thing I did for fun, it wasn't something I thought to really explore. I missed out on some really interesting opportunities, I turned down collaborations. I regret doing that, not because of the possibility of making more money, but because I missed out on learning and meeting new people. I didn't even try. And now those opportunities are few and far between.

6. Share a favorite blogging memory:
Meeting Gina for the first time at a RewardStyle event! She introduced herself to me and I just immediately connected with her. I'm an introvert with increasingly terrible social anxiety, so her kindness was very much appreciated.

7. Give some unsolicited advice to the blogging community/bloggers in general:
This applies mostly to social media influencers but also bloggers: Please, please, please stop being rude to your followers and readers, quit blocking people and deleting comments. Not everyone is going to kiss your ass on every post, not everyone is going to like every single thing you wear or promote. And that's okay! There can be differences of opinion, there can be healthy conversations. I feel like most influencers just want to be showered with praise, and that leads to inflated egos. Do you want to help others and be involved in a community, or do you just want compliments and clicks from strangers? If this is your job, then do it and do it without constant complaining about engagement and algorithms. I refuse to give anyone my money if they display a sense of entitlement. You aren't saving a life, you're offering a product that I can easily find myself. You don't need to talk down to people either. If you're struggling to turn your brand into a business, keep at it and follow your dreams because I'm rooting for you. I really am. But if it's causing you so much stress that you are losing perspective, then maybe you should look for a job/side job with more stable income.

I could go on but I'll stop. Thank you so much for reading here, today and every day that you come by. I don't thank you enough! I'd love to hear any and all thoughts on blogging, social media, and this community.

Linking up with Rachelle today


I have a thing for mascara that comes packaged in a pink tube.

It all started with Too Faced better than sex mascara. I absolutely loved it, but the higher price point was hard to justify so I graduated to a less-expensive-but-just-as good drugstore alternative called lash paradise. Most recently, I decided I needed to try lash slick from Glossier after reading so many positive reviews.

They all happen to come in a pretty shiny pink tube. Coincidence?

As I was putting on my makeup the other day, I realized that a comparison of these 3 popular mascaras might be helpful. For reference, I have extremely short sparse lashes so I take all the help I can get. I've toyed with the idea of lash extensions but my eyes are super sensitive and the fear of an allergic reaction is very real! I prefer mascara that builds volume while still looking clean (meaning no clumps) and I like them to look defined. Read my thoughts on each mascara below.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, $24: I was introduced to this mascara by my best friend a few years ago and have been purchasing it on and off since. I love the formula, as it effortlessly creates volume with just one coat. It also holds a curl quite well. My only complaint is that the large wand is difficult to maneuver at times, and I often feel like I'm not coating every single little lash particularly in the corners. However, I keep going back to this mascara because overall it really does make my natural lashes look as full as they can.

Pros: Lots of volume and length, holds curl, does not flake
Cons: $$$ and giant wand/brush

L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara, $10: I don't know if this mascara was created with Too Faced better than sex in mind, but they are mysteriously very very similar. The volume is unreal. I would say I prefer L'Oreal overall - I even like this wand much more because it isn't as large as the Too Faced version. However, the formula dries out ridiculously fast! After about a month and a half, I have to go buy another tube! So is it really worth it to spend 10 dollars on one tube practically every other month? Well yes, because I do! But I still go back and forth between this and Too Faced. It really just depends on my mood.

Pros: Lots of volume and length, useful wand/brush, holds a curl, $
Cons: Formula starts out perfectly but then dries out quickly, a little flaking sometimes

Glossier Lash Slick Mascara, $16:  I really am on the fence with this one. I love the narrow plastic wand because it allows me to get right in at the base of my lashes so I can coat each one. I love how dark and inky the formula is. I also love that it lengthens and defines. But it's a very natural looking mascara and even after trying to build some volume, any volume at all, I just can't get my stubby lashes to cooperate. Maybe I need to wait a few more weeks until it begins drying out a bit? If any of you have tried lash slick (I think Rachelle from PinkSole uses this) then please tell me what I'm missing? I don't dislike it but I won't be buying it again.

Pros: Good size and shape of wand, dark shiny color, really lengthens and separates each lash
Cons: Not good for volume

I would recommend Too Faced and L'Oreal, I would say pass on Glossier. If you have any questions, let me know.

Before I go, I wanted to quickly share what I ordered from Sephora's Spring sale. It was opened late last week for Rouge members, but it's now also open to VIB and Insiders. I'm a VIB and used code HEYVIB to get 15% off my entire order. Beauty products rarely go on sale so I took advantage and am trying new things I've had my eyes on for awhile. I'll report back soon but if you need any recommendations I'd go with this spray by Ouai (it's part of the reason why I'm trying their masque) or anything in this post!

Have a great weekend!


Hey ladies, happy Wednesday! I'm back from my long weekend in Palm Springs and I'm really excited to share pictures of where Nate and I stayed, what we did, and of course what I wore. It was one of the most relaxing vacations I've had.

The beauty of going away somewhere relatively close to home is that it lets me recharge without the pressure of a bigger, longer vacation. Palm Springs is only an hour drive from our house and I've been there countless times so instead of cramming in a bunch of activities and sight-seeing, we mostly stayed at our hotel and lounged at the pool.

I also took the opportunity to pamper myself a little. I brought some of my current favorite beauty products from home so that I could not only use them but also have pretty backdrops to photograph them. I've been using and loving all of these products for a couple months (or more) so I can fully attest to how good they really are!

Ouai Leave In Conditioner  is a multi-purpose product that I spray on my damp hair before blow-drying. It protects against heat, helps hair look healthy and shiny, detangles, combats humidity, and is formulated for all hair types. It also smells incredibly luxurious - if it came in perfume form, I would buy it! I also love that it doesn't have any sulfates or harsh chemicals. I don't use very many products on my hair, just this before heat styling and a couple oribe products in between shampoos. You have to try this!

Ahava Hydration Cream Mask is a thick creamy mask I've been using twice a week. It contains Dead Sea minerals, shea butter, and other ingredients that help lock in moisture. Simply leave on for 3 minutes and rinse with cool water. Fast, easy, and great on the dry patches I get sometimes on my cheeks. 

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream has been a game changer for me. I originally tried their hand cream over Winter, and as soon as I ran out of that I decided to buy their signature bum bum cream. It contains caffeine and a blend of oils to help smooth and tighten. I specifically use it on my thighs, and while I know the results aren't permanent, it does make my skin look much firmer. Hey, anything helps, right? It also smells like a tropical vacation, so there's that. I'll definitely be using this all Spring and Summer long. 

Becca Glow Gloss in Camellia is a cool-toned petal pink that makes my lips look fuller and well...glowy. I purchased my first tube last Summer and loved it so much that I bought another before Palm Springs. I'm not much of a lip gloss girl anymore (mostly due to the sticky factor) but the texture and formula of this gloss is so comfortable for everyday wear. I find that once the weather starts heating up, I crave a more minimalist makeup look and this is just the right amount of color and shine. Plus, it smells minty and this specific color makes teeth look whiter. 

Have you tried any of these products? What are some beauty items you're currently loving?


“Create the content you want to see on the Internet”

I read that quote while browsing Twitter at the beginning of the month, and it perfectly sums up my general feeling towards blogging and social media at the moment. Do things seem monotonous to you? Sometimes when I'm scrolling through the app, I feel like I'm seeing the same content over and over again. Not that I'm any more creative, because I struggle in this area too! But I do wish for a little more variety. 

Anyway, I wrote that quote on a sticky note and it's hanging off the top of my computer now. Maybe it will spark something special one of these days.

The February Edit:

I picked up this rose water facial toner from Trader Joe's and I've been using it everyday. If you love the smell of roses, you'll want to try this. I believe it was under $5 and great for a midday skin refresh.

This Vasanti Brighten Up! exfoliating cleanser is amazing! I got a smaller size last year in my Fab Fit Fun box and enjoyed it so much that I bought the regular size from Amazon. I use it twice a week in place of my regular cleanser and it's great for dull Winter skin. I concentrate it on my chin, the home of cystic acne. I *may* even prefer it over my beloved ExfoliKate! Although that product is more of a treatment whereas this is a cleanser.

Things I loved in February:
Nate and I took his parents to SuperCross during a storm and the torrential downpour made for some laughs.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started another season. I'm a Bravo t.v. junkie (Top Chef and Below Deck have been entertaining as well). I mostly love seeing what all the ladies are wearing.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's performance of "Shallow" at the Oscars.

Celebrating Katie's mom's milestone birthday over the weekend. I won't give the number away though. I loved catching up with her family, especially her older sister. Friends are the family you choose.

Coincidentally, I'm going to include this brilliantly written blog post that I came across just last night before publishing this. It's all about the author's thoughts on the current state of bloggers and influencers, and it is spot on.

Things I didn't love in February: 
Unexpected unforeseeable events like concussions at work and torrential downpours at sporting events.

The realization that after booking a weekend away in Palm Springs, I need to go bathing suit shopping STAT.

How was your month? Linking up with On The Daily Express and Straight A Style. 


"Style should be seasonless"

I've decided to begin a new monthly blog series where I share my favorite beauty, fashion, or lifestyle picks for that specific month - anything that stands out! This month I've focused more on beauty treatments, and I freshened up my hair color as well. I know I have zero room to complain about the weather, but it's been one of the coldest Winters I can remember here and getting dressed every morning has been challenging. Not because "I don't have a thing to wear" but because my only objective at the moment is keeping warm. True style should be seasonless, but that's easier said than done! 

The January Edit:
L'Oreal Rouge Signature Lasting Matte Liquid Lipsticks in "I Rule" and "I Create." I was sent these courtesy of Influenster and I can't get enough of these two shades. I Rule is the perfect dark nude that doesn't wash my pale skin out. I Create is my comfort zone shade, a beautiful rosy mauve. Both apply like a stain and last for hours. I just add a lip balm on top for moisture and the combination is perfect for Winter. 

My hair stylist (whom I adore and consider a friend) brightened up my balayage and I just love the outcome. She understands what I want - low maintenance, shiny, and natural looking color.

Things I loved in January: 
I started following this funny animal account on Twitter.
Began planning our road trip to Wyoming in the Summer.
Got together with my blogging bestie for her birthday.
I wore these white slingbacks almost daily. 

Things I didn't love in January:
Nettie got surgery on her left hind leg. She's fine but the whole process is exhausting.
I didn't want to get dressed this month. My daily look consisted of denim and a pullover sweater or cardigan.
All kinds of crazy clickbait, whether it was a blogger's post that had nothing to do with the title, or headlines that were inaccurate.

So tell me, what would your January edit look like? Any major highs or lows?


With all the special events and festivities surrounding the holiday season, it's usually around this time each year that I get really excited about makeup again. If there's ever an excuse to play around with shimmer, glitter, and bold red lips, it is now! I'm fairly natural on a daily basis - I stick to the basics (a little drop of foundation, some under eye concealer) and I don't take longer than a few minutes to get ready. But when it's time to get dolled up, there are a few key products I use to get holiday glam.

Adding some subtle sparkle - I go a little crazy with highlight, but a beautiful sheen along the cheekbones, in the inner corners of the eyes, and down the nose looks just right for the season. Depending on your skin tone you may prefer champagne, gold, or a bronze highlight but this pink and gold hue is my current favorite. 

Go for a bolder lip - A dark red or berry lip color is high maintenance but SO glamorous in photos! I say go for it at least once this season! 

Get glowing skin - Now that the weather has turned cold, I'm doing everything I can to avoid dry, dull skin. Mixing in some luminous foundation with my regular matte foundation instantly creates a lit-from-within glow without going overboard.

Lots of lashes - This has been my go-to mascara for quite some time and I love the fullness it gives my stubby lashes. Actually, I should mention here that I'm getting lash extensions right before Christmas! Until then, a couple coats of lash paradise it is.

L'Oreal Lash Paradise 

Are you going to any parties this weekend? I'm heading to San Diego to co-host one with Katie so I'll be putting these products to use! Getting glam beforehand is the best part!


 There are only two sales every year that I genuinely save for and look forward to - the Nordstrom anniversary sale, and Sephora's beauty insider sale. Sephora doesn't do sales often, so each year I make sure to grab my favorite holy grail products because they're rarely discounted. Now this event isn't to be mistaken for the Sephora Friends and Family sale, which used to be open to everyone and now is only for true friends and family (you have to know an employee that works at Sephora in order to get a one-time use code).

Here are the details you need, keeping in mind that if you have rouge status, the sale began last weekend:

Sale is online and in-store

Rouge members get 20% off 11/2 - 11/5 with code ROUGEBONUS

VIB members get 20% off 11/9 - 11/12 with code VIBBONUS

Beauty Insiders get 15% off 11/16 - 11/19 with code BIBONUS

Got all that? It's a bit confusing with all the date changes but everybody gets a discount relative to their status at Sephora. Below, I've compiled a list of my personal recommendations. It's a pretty comprehensive look into the products that I've tried and tested over the years, and that I keep going back to time and again.

Tatcha silk canvas primer: You can read my review on this primer here, but essentially this is THE product I wish everyone would try. Yes, everyone.

Kate Somerville exfolikate: Contains lactic acid and fruit enzymes to slough off dead skin cells. I use it twice per week. Pricey, but it's consistently named as best on the market from pretty much everyone in the industry.

Loccitane shower oil: Smells divine and is ultra moisturizing. I love shaving my legs with it.

Alterna caviar replenishing hair masque: I'm convinced this masque is the reason why my hair feels as healthy as it does. A little goes a long way, and I concentrate it on my ends.

Origins GinZing eye cream: This pink eye cream contains caffeine to help de-puff, brighten, and conceal dark circles.

Make Up For Ever ultra HD foundation: The only foundation brand I've used for years...probably almost a decade! All of their foundations are top rate, but the HD is perfect for photography. In this day and age, when are we not being photographed?

Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk lip cheat liner and lipsticks: Read my thoughts here, but Charlotte Tilbury can do no wrong. It's quickly become a guilty pleasure.

Becca glow lip gloss: I'm not as big on lip gloss as I was during my twenties, but I've reached for this one every single day since buying it over Summer. Non-sticky, comfortable formula, peppermint scented.

NARS velvet matte lip crayons: My favorite shade is "sex machine" which is a beautiful mauve tone with very slight shimmer.

Laneige lip sleeping mask: Makes lips baby soft and smooth. Wear overnight as a true mask, or use it as a regular balm whenever your lips need some TLC.

Glow Recipe watermelon sleep mask: Good for all skin types and literally makes skin glow.


There are a couple new-to-me products I'm interested in as well but I'm still on the fence. I'll let you know what I end up getting.

I hope you try some of these if you haven't already, they are too good to pass up! Happy Halloween and happy shopping 💋


Usually for my birthday every year, I treat myself to a (solo) shopping trip. Some years I've been more extravagant than others, but this time I really just wanted to try some new beauty products I've had my eyes on for awhile.

I've only used these a handful of times so I can't give full reviews just yet, but I will say wholeheartedly that the Becca lip glow in Camellia is the perfect cool-toned pink. I bought it a couple months ago but figured I should mention it here. I wore it the entire time I was in Mexico, and I still can't put it down! It's smooth, non-sticky, and smells like peppermint for an added bonus. I'm thinking of getting another darker shade for Fall/Winter since I love switching up my routine a bit each season.

I have fairly oily skin after coming off the pill, so I've been going back and forth on the Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter. Everytime a beauty blogger raved about it, I wanted to give it a shot too regardless of it being very "glowy." I've used it on my cheekbones to highlight and I absolutely love the incandescent effect. I'm going to try mixing some in with my Make Up For Ever foundation and see how it wears, or whether or not it's too glowy for me. I'll report back!

I thought these trendy facial rollers were just a gimmick, and maybe they are to a certain extent. However, I absolutely love using this at night after I've cleansed my face and in conjunction with my favorite serum. It feels so soothing after a long day! Facial rollers promote circulation and help products absorb deeply into the skin. So yes, it does sound gimmicky and yes, I would buy it again.

Tip: Stick it in your fridge for a relaxing cooling effect. It feels amazing!

I've seen great reviews for Sol de Janeiro products. Now that the weather is getting really dry here, I need all the hand cream I can get! This one smells like a tropical island getaway and isn't greasy. So far, so good. 

The glam glow products are part of the Sephora VIB birthday gift. I haven't tried them yet but they also get great reviews. 

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! Happy October :)


Aside from skincare products, nothing makes me giddier than a new lipstick. I've heard from countless beauty bloggers that Charlotte Tilbury is the Rolls of lipstick (For me, more like a Tesla).
They are quite expensive, so when the Nordstrom anniversary sale featured a lipstick and liner set, I purchased immediately. It includes the best-selling Pillow Talk lip cheat liner and two beautiful "your lips but better" lip shades that are exclusive to Nordstrom. 

Honestly, both lipsticks look rather ordinary, nothing special aside from the gorgeous rose gold packaging. But let me tell you, they are anything but ordinary. 

First let's talk about the iconic Pillow Talk lip liner: It's a great rosey neutral that looks good with any lipstick. I find it to be ultra smooth, creamy, and long-wearing. I can see why it's become synonymous with the brand. If you try just one thing from Charlotte Tilbury, start here!

K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in Blushing Dream (cool-toned rosebud pink with a satin finish): Out of the two shades of lipstick, this one is my favorite. Soft, neutral, but still enough color that I can slap it on whenever I want. Perfect for everyday, it has a slight sheen and feels really moisturizing.

Matte Revolution Lipstick in Rose Kiss (warm-toned merlot with a soft matte finish): Although I love the idea behind matte lipsticks, I always find them to be somewhat drying and difficult to pull off on their own. This matte formula is comfortable and lasts through hours of talking, drinking, and eating. It will look beautiful in the Fall and Winter when I like to wear darker shades on my lips.

Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury yet? If not, I hope you treat yourself soon because these products are amazing!


It's been awhile since I last posted my daily makeup routine, but because it's now Summer and some of my go-to products have changed, I thought it would be a great time to go through what I'm currently using.

Summer is all about letting your natural skin breathe, controlling oil and shine, and playing up a healthy glow. I have combination to oily skin so keep that in mind - if you do too, you may also enjoy these products.

1. Tarte Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Palette: I had been in the market for a contour palette, and almost decided on the Anastasia Beverly Hills, but after receiving this in my Summer Fab Fit Fun box, I'm glad that I waited. I'm not much into heavy contouring or highlighting, especially in the heat, but these can be used to create any look I want. Five are powders with varying amounts of shimmer, with one cream that's meant for contouring. All of them are ultra buttery and smooth.

2. Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer: Hands-down the best primer I've ever tried. Worth the money (and the hype). You can read more about it in this post. I use it every single day, even on its own without foundation. It's THAT good.

3. It Cosmetics Ombre Radiance Blush: Creates the prettiest natural flush. I sweep my brush through the pan and apply on the apples of my cheeks for a soft dose of pink to perk up my complexion.

4. It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Treatment:  Hydrating, comfortable on the lips, and just a hint of pink; perfect on its own or layered underneath lipstick or gloss.

5. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation: I used this foundation for a good portion of my twenties, and it was my introduction into the Make Up For Ever line. It's quite full coverage, but I dot small amounts on my cheeks and chin and buff the product into my skin using a damp sponge. It lasts all day through heat, and evens out any redness. I prefer the Ultra HD for photos, but this is perfect for daily wear.

Honorable Mention: Tarte Shape Tape:  In all honesty, I'm almost certain I  left my shape tape concealer somewhere on the beach last weekend (don't ask) but a new one is on its way! I can't be without it, and aside from the silk canvas primer, this is my favorite beauty product because it does what it claims - conceals my dark circles and any red spots, and brightens up the face. It's basically a magic wand.

What are you currently using that I need to try this Summer?


This post is sponsored by Pour Moi Skincare. They provided the products, and I have been using them for over one month. All opinions are my own.

One of the challenging parts about living in Murrieta is the dry climate. My skin feels it the most. I have an oily face but incredibly dry, eczema-prone skin everywhere else on my body. Sometimes it can be hard to manage!

I've always read that the skin you have is part hereditary, and part how you take care of it. Thankfully, my mother is almost 70 and her skin has always been flawless. She can count on one hand the number of times she's gotten a pimple. My dad on the other hand had a bout of acne as a teenager, and has since had fairly problematic skin, so I guess I fall somewhere in the middle. I do what I can to stay healthy - drink lots of water, eat nutrient-rich foods, exercise. But I hadn't thought of how the environment I live in directly affects my skin, even more so than other factors.  Why wouldn't I use products that are formulated for a desert climate? I didn't even know this existed until Pour Moi Skincare.

Their whole line consists of skincare products designed with different climates in mind. My skin in Maui is MUCH different than my skin in Murrieta. I'll even go down to the coast for a day and my skin instantly feels softer and less dry than it does when I'm home. Climate smart skincare is brilliant!

Whether you live in a tropical place or a more mild climate, there's a cream for that.
Murrieta is dry, hot, and did I mention dry and hot?

Desert Day Cream: I use this morning and sometimes at night. Designed for high temperatures ( 75 degrees F - 120 degrees F) and low humidity (less than 45 %). It has a very light-weight feel that sinks immediately into the skin. It barely has any scent at all, which is great if you're more sensitive. It isn't oily or greasy, and doesn't leave behind any residue. I love applying it first thing in the morning, underneath makeup, for an even finish.

The White Serum: I use the white serum at night, underneath the day cream or another nighttime moisturizer. This is designed to control excess oil production, which I definitely need these days. It is extremely light and silky, not at all oily like most serums I've tried. I don't feel like I'm using something that will cause a breakout, as it absorbs into the skin very quickly. If you have oily skin, I highly recommend this!

Both of these products feel very light, comfortable, and just the right amount of moisture I need this time of year here in SoCal.

What do you think of "climate smart" skincare? What climate do you live in?

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As promised in this beauty post, I have some serious thoughts about the Tarte shape tape concealer. It's really, really good.

Prior to giving this a go, I had been using and loving the NARS creamy radiant concealer. I was extremely happy with it until my skin changed after stopping birth control pills and it became oily. After that, the NARS wasn't quite enough and it no longer lasted throughout the day. I needed something stronger!

I mistakenly thought shape tape was sold everywhere, but it's actually only available at Ulta or Tarte Cosmetics. I walked into Ulta and chose the shade "light neutral." The range of colors is great, with tones varying from warm to cool.

Ladies, I LOVE this concealer. I haven't reached for anything else in my collection, and I'm even wearing it in place of foundation on days where I just want a brighter complexion.

The doe-foot applicator is much larger than others I have tried, so it's great all over the face, not just under the eyes. Hence, the reason why it's perfect for contouring! I personally don't contour, but if you like a sculpted look, getting this concealer in a couple different shades for that purpose would be ideal.

The formula itself is thick and opaque. It covers old acne marks seamlessly, along with any redness or darkness. I use a damp sponge to pat it on under my eyes and on spots along my chin. I then set it with this translucent powder. 

It actually lasts too! It doesn't budge from the moment I put it on until the end of the night.

I think if you're looking for a full-coverage concealer, you'll really enjoy shape tape.

Have you tried it? What's your favorite concealer?


We all want to look our best, and that means having great skin. It's one of the first things people notice, especially in photos. It would be nice if we were all blessed with it but I think I stand with the majority when I say I'm usually trying to conceal dark circles, discoloration, and an acne mark every now and then.

So what's a girl to do? Fake it! There's a new batch of products that are designed to help you achieve smooth skin relatively easily. I've been testing these and have discovered that not only are they perfect on-camera, but they keep you looking fresh and youthful off-camera as well.

1. Tatcha The Silk Canvas -  Besides this being the prettiest packaged face primer I've ever seen, it's also the best I've ever tried. With my skin being rather oily, I was worried that this would create more shine. Thankfully it's for all skin types, oily included. It has a faint citrus scent and applies as a silky balm. It's slightly like other silicone primers I've used, but it absorbs much more quickly, doesn't feel as slick, and really provides a nice even base for makeup that lasts for a whole day.

2. Dr. Brandt No More Baggage - I use this as a quick fix on days where I have more puffiness under my eyes than usual. It's essentially an orange tinted gel that disappears onto the skin. It's cooling to the touch and dries to a smooth layer almost like a liquid bandage! You can feel it tightening as it dries. I know, sounds really weird but surprisingly effective. I then pat concealer on top for a well-rested appearance. This seems to go on sale frequently so look out if you want to give it a try.

Tarte Shape Tape -  Not necessarily skin smoothing but I just bought this concealer and so far, so good! It's a much thicker consistency than my NARS, and the coverage is perfect on acne marks and dark circles. I dabbed some on an old scar and it covered very well. This just might be my new holy grail! I'll do a proper review in two weeks.

Have you tried any of these products? I hope you ladies are having a fantastic week!


I rarely shop at the drugstore anymore. Not because I'm a stuffy snob who doesn't enjoy a good bargain, but precisely because I do like a good bargain! Do you guys ever get sucked into buying more than you actually need because of a coupon? CVS pharmacy is famous for this, and after some thought, I decided that the best way for me to save money is to stay away! Especially from stores like Target where the temptation to buy everything is very real.

But once in awhile, I do go to the drugstore to stock up on items that are worth every penny and are just as good (if not better) than what you get at department stores. It took some trial and error to come across most of these, but lucky for you because now you don't have to waste your money on a mediocre product.

These are my absolute favorite beauty products, all from the drugstore:

1. NYX HD Powder - No difference between this translucent setting powder and the Make Up For Ever version. I mean, aside from the massive price discount! I will never buy a high-end setting powder again.

2. NYX Butter Gloss - The smoothest lip gloss I've ever tried; it really does go on like buttah. The line has a wide range of colors as well. I like to apply one after lipstick for a dose of moisture.

3. Real Techniques Beauty Blender (2 pack) - I once bought the real deal and you know what? I was disappointed! This blending sponge by Real Techniques is pliable and the perfect shape for applying liquid foundation, tinted moisturizer, and blending out concealer. It really serves as a workhorse in my makeup routine, and I'm convinced that every woman needs to use one for a flawless finish.

4. L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Primer - I have used this with a few different mascaras and it works beautifully each time. My stubby lashes appear longer and fuller in just one coat. If you're happy overall with your mascara but feel like your lashes could still use a boost, try this primer.

5. Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso - This lightly shimmery blush is the perfect mix of pink and peach, with a warm undertone. It reminds me of the NARS orgasm blush, except Luminoso is lighter and more wearable. When I don't know which blush shade to reach for, I go with Luminoso.

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You might not believe this, but I tried dying my hair blonde in high school. Blonde. I actually wish I had a picture as proof, but all of my photo albums are at my mom's house probably buried somewhere. Needless to say, it wasn't flattering. It's crazy how different I wanted to make myself back then. You know, the tall blonde bombshell with blue eyes. Instead, I wound up with orange straw after a boy at the local beauty school ruined my hair. I took it well.

Ever since, I've enjoyed being a brunette. It's low-maintenance, it suits my coloring, and I only darken it a couple times per year to give it richness and shine. Except, it does get a little boring having the same hairstyle year after year, so for awhile now I've been thinking about trying balayage. Aside from not knowing how to spell it, I also wasn't sure if it would suit me. Scary images of bad brassy dye came to mind. My hair holds a lot of orange, so I'm very particular about who I let color it. Thankfully I have a great stylist and she's been gently trying to introduce the idea of balayage to me. We started last week, and even though it's incredibly subtle, I can tell the difference. She mostly painted sections underneath my hair for that "peekaboo" effect. When the sunlight hits it just right, some caramel pieces come through. I'm all about natural so although we didn't veer away from that this time, I may go lighter gradually. Or, I may not!

What do you guys think? Have you tried balayage?

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I currently have a pimple on my forehead. I also have a couple fine lines right next to it.

Pimples and wrinkles? Welcome to thirty-three.

And so it goes, just another typical week around here. Stuck between puberty and adulthood, or so it appears that way. It was only a few short months ago that I had my skincare routine down to a science. Then I stopped taking birth control pills over the Summer and now I'm just trying to understand my own body again.


I'll admit that I've been reluctant to write about this, mostly because it's a little embarrassing. But if I'm experiencing these changes then I'm sure a lot of you are (or have) as well.

I started taking the pill when I was eighteen. I had horrible menstrual cycles that were extremely painful, making the week of my period absolute Hell. My skin was fairly normal but when I broke out, I really broke out! We're talking red, cystic bumps. When my doctor recommended I try a low dose birth control pill to help regulate my hormones, I gladly accepted. All the nerves I had about taking a pill every single day quickly faded away as my skin, hair, nails, everything seemed to improve.

I never had issues on ortho tri cyclen lo. I didn't have the same hiccups that plagued my girlfriends. Many of them tried different methods because the side effects of birth control really impacted their bodies in a negative way. It was confusing to me because I didn't have any complaints. It worked well! My cycle became regular, my skin looked amazing, my hair shined, and I lived my life without worry. I felt in control of my body.

Then in June, Nate and I decided that we were ready to start a family and I stopped taking all of my medications including the pill. I was SO nervous. After over a decade of relying on it, I was done. Just like that. I poured over online articles, medical journals, consulted with a doctor, and asked my girlfriends if stopping birth control was easy. Namely, was my body going to freak out? Spontaneously combust?

Before I go on, let me caution you guys against reading too much into somebody else's experience. I read horror stories of women suddenly getting horrible acne, mood swings that bordered on institutionalization, and oily hair that couldn't be tamed. The last part scared me the most. "Damn, I'll have to wash my hair every day?" No thanks. I have enough trouble as it is.

The truth is, everybody is going to react differently when starting or stopping any type of hormonal treatment, just as everybody reacts differently to  certain medications. So before you have a meltdown like I did in June, just relax. Your body may change like mine has, or you may not notice any changes at all.

So right now, a little over six months after stopping the pill and I have:
An oily complexion. The rest of my body is dry as a desert (I suffer from mild eczema and dry patches).
I have intermittent periods where my skin still looks and feels like it did before, but I break out more often especially little bumps along my hairline and jawline. I cannot express how irritating this is to me.
My hair gets oily faster, especially in the front. I now wash my hair three times per week, in comparison to twice before.
My period is regular and actually fairly easy. Not too much pain either, thank God.
The one thing that has really been a struggle is my mood. I go up and down so much and quickly too. I'm still unsure what to do in order to create balance, but I'm hoping that my body will regulate  itself. 

The products shown above are what I've been using. I find that I still enjoy most of them, but I have a less heavy hand with the creams. I also have been exfoliating more, about three times per week. I am super diligent about cleansing too. The L'oreal pure clay cleanser has been amazing at removing impurities, so I plan on buying another soon.

This post isn't necessarily me giving you advice because I'm sorting through it all myself. I just wanted to share that if you're going through hormonal changes too, that I totally understand how frustrating it can be! I would love to hear from you guys on this topic! Any tips, special products that I should know about? Our bodies are resilient, and we will adjust.


I wasn't going to do a recap of 2017, mainly because I'm super anxious to get started on my goals for 2018. In all honesty, this year was difficult. I battled a lot of personal struggles. But like every year, there were pros and cons...

I traveled to Colorado and Ohio.
I went camping and hiking through Zion, the Grand Canyon, Big Sur, and several beaches.
I reconnected with some friends and family.
I continued to record my style, even when I didn't feel very good about myself.

Depression, anxiety, self-doubt, laziness.

There were times when I didn't feel the motivation to blog, but I tried my hardest to anyway. I really truly appreciate all of your love, support, and feedback. I wouldn't be able to do this without you and I hope you will continue to stick with me for another (more positive and exciting) year!

Instead of recapping every outfit I wore, I figure I can show you the highlights. Pieces that are my absolute favorites to wear, and that I would buy all over again or would recommend to you.

Little black dress

Polka dots & Millenial pink pumps

Wrap coat


Distressed jeans

Girly day dress

Classic bag

Now for my favorite posts of the year! Click on each one if you care to go back and read.

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And my most discussed blog topic of the year, Real Talk: Coming off Meds. That one was terrifying to write, but also extremely cathartic.

Now, let me ask you this. What would you like to see more or less of on this blog next year? I blog for selfish reasons, but I naturally care what you think! You are my friends and I need your input.

Please let me know in the comments or send me a message! Have a wonderful, safe new year's and I will see you on the flip side next week :)