As October moves along, I'm (finally) beginning to embrace Fall dressing. I've come to the strange conclusion that my reluctance towards cooler weather really comes down to the fact that I just feel more attractive in the Summer. I hate admitting that because it sounds so vain but if I'm being honest, breezy colorful dresses, air-dried hair, and sun kissed skin makes me feel happiest and just more...well, me. 

That doesn't mean that I can't enjoy Fall fashion though because there's definitely a lot to love. During a cool spell last week, I pulled out some closet essentials I'd been saving, along with a brand new t-shirt I ordered during the most recent Shopbop sale. 

This belted camel wrap is unfortunately sold out. It's such a shame because it's the perfect transitional piece to throw on over basic tanks and t-shirts. I wore it open and closed, and I really can't decide which way I prefer. Both options are great! I live in floral kimonos during the Summer, and this knit wrap is similar while still providing a layer of warmth. Plus camel is so chic, isn't it? Pair any pair of jeans with a camel sweater or coat and you instantly look polished.

Speaking of jeans, I'm realizing that this is my first post wearing pants since June 17th! I've worn them a few times off the blog, but that just falls in line with my whole Summer of dresses thing. These crisp, dark wash skinny jeans are a new favorite even though I bought them months ago. They are the curvy skinny jeans from Loft's petite line, and they are true to size. They lay flat against my tummy, are roomy in the hips and thighs, and have the right amount of stretch. I highly recommend them if you're looking for an affordable, comfortable pair of classic skinnies.

Now, I can't really justify the leopard print tee even though I love the fit, fabric, and design. Rails is one of my favorite brands for luxuriously soft shirts, but the prices are honestly kind of outrageous and I'm actually embarrassed I paid as much as I did on this t-shirt. (Macklemore's thrift shop song comes to mind). However, it was on sale and I've already worn it a couple times. Quality over quantity wins again.

Some variation of this outfit is bound to become my Fall uniform. What will be yours?

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It's finally beginning to feel ever so slightly like Fall around here, although it's supposed to be over 80 today! We go back and forth a lot, but even if the weather isn't cooperative, I'm slowly putting away my Summer accessories and shoes in favor of more seasonally appropriate options just to get myself in the mood. My friend pointed out that just because California doesn't experience four seasons doesn't mean you can't create your own version of them. All the more reason to actually. And she's totally right.

I like a very casual bohemian style in Summer, but come Fall, I'm all about classic pieces. Think dark denim, chic flats, long cardigans, cable knit sweaters, and plenty of texture. I have most of these basics in my wardrobe already, but there are a few things I'd like to buy not only for Fall at home but also before I head to New York City in just a couple weeks. It's fast approaching and I really need to get on top of it! usually I have more time to prepare for a trip since Nate and I aren't exactly world travelers, but I can't express enough how excited I am to just go without overthinking it.

These are the things on my current wish list. I'm unsure if they'll all work for me, but I'm going shopping next week to try some on in person. I'll report back after my trip so I can explain in detail everything I packed and wore.

// Long sleeve dress // Cognac ankle boots // Leopard t-shirt // Black jeans // Satin midi // Slip-on sneakers

Thankfully, my shopping list is fairly small because as I said before, I already own some great essentials. I do worry about getting cold in New York so I plan on bringing some layering pieces like a scarf and some tights. I know layering is the key! Our trip is less then a week long so rotating between 7 or 8 pieces total will be easy. It's all about comfort, practicality, and obviously feeling as put-together as I can because it's NYC after all.

The items (or similar) below are all coming with me, and they're all perfect basics that I think you will love for Fall and beyond. I've worn them all in various posts, especially the Sezane bag that I still can't get enough of!

// Olive utility jacket // Similar Sezane bag // Blush cardigan // Spanx faux leather leggings // Gorjana necklace // Leopard mules

Have you been to New York City in the Fall? I'd still love to hear any recommendations you may have!

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"A fallen leaf is nothing more than a Summer's wave goodbye."

Happy October ladies! As usual, I have no idea where the year went but I'm just plugging along. Sometimes I think we focus too much on seasons and it all begins to feel contrived, but who am I to judge? This world feels like it's gone mad some days, so if pumpkin patches and football games give people joy then more of that please! I've actually been feeling a little blue about Summer ending, but I know I'll snap out of it soon.
It does feel like Fall here in the early mornings and at night, and I'm realizing that there are plenty of holes in my wardrobe that need to be filled before Nate and I go to New York City in a few weeks. I made a small list of things I need, and I'll share that in my next post. I cannot wait to experience Fall on the east coast!

In the meantime, here are some highlights from September.

Exploring local boutiques has become a recent hobby of mine. I went to a San Diego based shop called Pigment, and it was a bohemian dream. Tons of plants, home decor, accessories, books, fun and unique gifts. I picked up a baby shower present but I plan on going back and getting this coffee table book.  They have three locations but I went to One Paseo in Del Mar. If you're ever in the San Diego area, you must go.

Shopping at Sephora for a new perfume. My sweet friends Gina and Caryl gave me a gift card for my birthday and I wanted to use it to get something special. You guys know I love my Kai perfume oil and have worn it for years as a signature scent, but ever since trying Ouai products on my hair I have been obsessed with how amazing the products all smell. Brilliant to create corresponding perfumes. I had a hard time choosing between Melrose Place and North Bondi, but ultimately went with North Bondi. Both are floral, with North Bondi having notes of Italian lemon, bergamot, jasmine, and white musk. Melrose Place is well...heavy on the rose. Which I do really love, but North Bondi just dried down and settled better on my skin.

Who am I kidding, I could have bought both! I literally walked out of the store, thought about it, walked back in and still had trouble deciding. Anyway, Kai will always be my signature fragrance, but it's fun trying something new.

Eating all the Italian food. The bruschetta from Robert Renzoni Winery in Temecula is drool-worthy with pesto, prosciutto, sweet tomato, spicy pepper, and oil. Divine. I had a similar bruschetta at Isola in Little Italy just a couple weeks later while visiting Katie, so clearly I'm on a kick.

Drinking Irish whiskey on the rocks! I'm not sure how or why I decided that I like whiskey after years of thinking it tastes like gasoline, but Nate is very proud of me since it's his drink of choice. Instead of having a glass of wine while watching some of our favorite shows at night, I now enjoy a double pour of Jameson and drink it s l o w l y. The mural below is coincidentally located at One Paseo so I had to snap a picture after leaving Pigment!

Watching Succession on HBO was our Sunday night ritual in September, and there are only two episodes left of the season. It was a slow burn in season one, and it took awhile to get going but now I'm hooked. I also watched Unbelievable on Netflix that broke my heart, but the acting was outstanding and the ending leaves you feeling hopeful.

Overall, I loved September and I'm sorry that it's over but here's to looking forward to making the most of the last months of 2019!

How was your month? Any big plans in October?


Nate and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary on September 21st, and we kept it pretty low-key. I wasn't sure what the plans were because it wasn't my year to plan...we rotate! One year I'm in charge of what we do to celebrate, the next year Nate does. It was still pretty warm out so I went with my favorite Ann Taylor dress (last seen here) and added a floral kimono to bring in an extra layer since nights are getting much cooler now. I can't stress enough how much I love re-wearing things but switching up the styling to make it feel more current. I typically wear kimonos with a tank or t-shirt and jeans, but they also look great over dresses.

Aside from cardigans, I think kimonos are great transition pieces for Fall. Most people associate them with Summer, but if you live in a warmer climate they are perfect for those in-between days.

So after dinner, Nate actually surprised me with a gift - not something we do - with two plane tickets to visit New York City next month! If you've followed me from the beginning, then you know we went to NYC in 2010 after my college graduation. It was a very short trip though, we were only there for 3 days total, so going back now for almost an entire week is such a treat and one that nearly brought me to tears. 
We have friends across the bridge in New Jersey that we will be staying with, and I'm so excited to see them too! I honestly have so much outfit planning to do right?! But more on that later. and please feel free to give me any tips or recommendations in the meantime! 

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90 degrees and sunny, but make it Fall. Um, okay...

I wish I were better at transitional style, especially from Summer to Fall. The whole concept is sort of baffling if you live in a warmer climate and the truth is, Fall isn't really a season here in southern California. We get some relief from the heat now and then but by the time I get to enjoy it, Christmas is right around the corner.

The in-between can feel so frustrating when you can't decide what to wear! I spent a good amount of time yesterday trying on different outfits, feeling a bit defeated. But instead of throwing my hands up and complaining, I'm trying my best to embrace this predicament. I lived in dresses all Summer long, and just because my social media feeds are filled with lovely Autumnal outfits doesn't mean I can't wear my own version of Fall.

Here are some tips I use: 
1) Switch out your Summer accessories. Instead of carrying your favorite woven beach tote or straw bag, pull out a nice leather (or vegan leather) shoulder bag. I typically reach for black or jewel-toned, but the blush Madewell tote I bought during Summer still works! More structured bags work very well in Fall and always look chic.

2) I also begin wearing flats again this time of year instead of sandals. They instantly read Fall to me. Ankle boots are naturally a good option as well. I love wearing mine with mini dresses for a more leg lengthening look.

3) When in doubt, the use of color will transition your wardrobe. Think orange, rust, mustard, olive, navy. Prints such as leopard, cheetah, and snakeskin are all big this year so incorporating them into your outfit is the easiest way to feel more seasonally appropriate regardless of your particular climate.

4) Layer, layer, layer. None of the outfits I created above are groundbreaking, I just added a jacket or cardigan to the dresses I've lived in this Summer. It really is that simple! Mornings and evenings are starting to get chilly, so having the option to add or remove a layer is practical and stylish.

5) If it's too warm for long sleeves, a kimono is a lightweight layering piece that still adds some visual interest to shorts, t-shirts, camisoles, and jeans. Even better if it's in a traditional Fall color.

I know retail calendars want us all to rush through each season, but that doesn't mean we have to! Changing a few details is all it takes to make the shift.

How do you navigate the in-between? By the way, do you like these type of indoor photos? Please let me know and have a great weekend!


I approach trends in beauty the same way I approach them in fashion - cautiously. I prefer looking natural, not because I'm super busy all the time and can't make the extra effort, but really because I just favor a more natural look in general. Even when I go out at night or attend a special event, I don't pile on the makeup or fuss much with my hair. Just clean and put-together is my M.O. and it's something I've become increasingly comfortable with. Contouring my face every morning? Not gonna happen. Acrylic nails? Ouch!

That doesn't mean I don't like having fun though! It's good to switch things up every once in awhile, especially in the beauty department. A new lipstick shade or shorter haircut can be the simplest way to get out of a beauty rut. And please, if you're one who does enjoy keeping up with all of the latest treatments and trends, then that's great! Do what makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Anyway, my friend Nicole does eyelash extensions and after months of admiring her work on clients I decided to just go for it as a birthday treat to myself.

Eyelash Extensions:

I'll admit that I was a little nervous to try eyelash extensions, mostly because I thought it would be such a tedious process and I'm not great at being still for too long. I obviously can only speak of my own experience, but the process was much easier and faster than I thought! I arrived for my appointment at 10:00 a.m. and was done by 12:30 p.m. I found it very relaxing. I wore loose, comfortable clothing so that I could enjoy lying on her table (the same you've probably experienced if you've ever gotten a massage or facial). I had clean skin with zero makeup on. From there, my friend explained what she would be doing, including showing me the tape she would be using to prevent my lower lashes from sticking to my upper lashes during the process. Every lash extension has to be individually applied to your natural lashes and that's no easy feat! My natural lashes are incredibly short and sparse so she used lash extensions that would just enhance them and add a bit more length and fullness without looking obvious. I'm telling you, natural is key for me. We chatted most of the time, and I had to keep my eyes closed until she was completely done.

I must mention that I often deal with seasonal allergies. I have dry eyes which ironically makes them water all the time, and I was so worried that these factors would have a negative effect on extensions. Now that I've had them for over a week, I feel comfortable saying that my eyes and lashes are great! I haven't experienced any discomfort, no itching, swelling, nothing. I can hardly feel them. My eyes still water throughout the day, but I just make sure I don't rub them. I use a lash comb as needed, mostly in the morning, and I can still wash my face and do my normal skincare routine.

I'll have my first fill next week. I'm not certain how long I'm going to keep them on (probably just a month), but I'm so happy that I decided to try them because they really do enhance the face. As always, I just recommend that you do some research on professionals in your area, including pictures and testimonials. I've read some terrible stories! Honestly though, my natural lashes are almost non-existent, so my level of fear that they will become even less so is pretty low.

Fresh lash extensions. These are known as the "classic" set.
If you have any specific questions I didn't mention, let me know! I'm sure my friend has the answer.


Aside from getting lash extensions right before my birthday, I also freshened up my hair color. It had been months since I had any color done, and it was starting to look really brassy in areas and the ends were pretty blonde. My stylist brought me back to the darker side, albeit with some lighter pieces melted throughout. I've had balayage for a little over a year now and I still enjoy the dimension and warmth it brings. I'm tempted to go back to completely dark sometimes, but this type of color is so easy to maintain that I don't find it to be much more upkeep than my natural hair.

I'm really happy with the products I'm using on my hair so I'm putting together a separate post!

Do you update your beauty routines often? Have you tried eyelash extensions, balayage, or other  beauty treatments? Please share!

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