I was browsing Lulus this morning when I saw this necklace: It stopped me dead in my tracks because it looks very, very similar to my House of Harlow Mini Key Necklace:

Comes in Silver and Brass. And at just $8, you seriously can't go wrong! To purchase, Clickity Click Here.

Have a Fab Weekend!


Ohhhh, all I want to do is blog, blog, blog but I can't seem to find enough time. No complaining though, cuz April is almost gone! Here are some things that I lusted over (and still am) for the month:

Bronzer! Left to Right: Korres Manoi Oil Bronzer in Sunglow Light, NYX in Daydream of Lanai, NYC in Sunny, and MAC MSF in Global Glow.

Olive green on the eyes. A bonus if you're a brown-eyed gal like myself. Green really brings out the gold flecks. Bare Escentuals eye glimmer in Purrfect and Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Stash

Coral. Coral anything and everything! Makeup, accessories, and clothes please.

My House Of Harlow Necklaces, especially the dainty mini key necklace. I even sleep with this on, I really can't take it off.

Strappy heels and sandals scream Summer. Just please make sure your toes are painted ;)

What are your favorites for April?


I think I have figured out the boyfriend's tripod. Not that it's rocket science or anything, but as a product of Myspace/Facebook, I am more accustomed to turning my camera around and just snapping quick pics of myself that way. Frankly, I like close-ups better than distance shots, but I digress. I am not a model, nor am I inclined to posing for a camera. A smile on my face and that's all I can do! I just wanted to show you how I plan on wearing black this Summer, while still being light and breezy. If you have any styling suggestions, let me know! But this is what I came up with while raiding my (tiny) closet.

Black cardi: Express last year
 Petal tank top: Old Navy
Black shorts: H&M. Very flattering, and I saw a ton so go look!
Black peep toe pumps: BP Nordstrom about two years ago
Tan Jessica Simpson clutch: Tj-maxx
Skinny belt: H&M
Cuff bracelet: Nordstrom

Romper: BP Nordstrom, just purchased. It's not even on the website yet! If I find more colors, I am getting one more.
Patent belt (not really showing up for some reason): Taken from an old dress
Cuff: Nordstrom
Purse: H&M
Nude pumps: DSW
House of Harlow necklace: Shopbop.com
Ring: Claires

Black dress: Express
Shoes: Boutique
House of Harlow necklace: magnums.net
Ponytail: Mine ;)

Have a great weekend!


Wednesdays are always a bit frustrating for me. Forget the fact that we are two days closer to the weekend. I have a four hour gap in between classes, and that usually means venturing a few short miles down the freeway to my local shopping mecca. I hesitate, because do I really need to be spending money when I could be studying, writing papers, reading? Yes, yes I do. Despite the wet wintery-like weather yesterday, I hobbled on over to Nordstrom. Frizzy hair, zip up hoodie, and all. I tried on a few things, including an adorable silk top with little gold buttons and lace cascading around the neck. I knew it was a no-go as soon as I put it over my head, so I preceded to take it off. Or I tried. I tried a few times, but I couldn't get the darn thing off! I squirmed, wiggled, and shimmied, desperately contorting my body every which way to no avail. OH CRAP. What the hell Noelle, I thought you were more flexible than this?! All those hours spent at the gym and you would think I'd be able to get a sleeveless top off of MY top. I started to panic. I thought, maybe i'll just have to buy this! Then I heard a voice: "How's it going in there?" My reply: "Ah, um...I can't seem to get this top off!" So, the sweet salesgirl walked into the room and helped bring the top up and off my body. "Don't worry," she smiled. "This happens all the time." Um, really? Cuz that was super humiliating for me! God I hope that never happens again. I felt like a complete moron.
On a better note, I did manage to buy some cute things for Spring and Summer, one of which happens to be this romper:

I never in a million gazillion years thought that I could pull off a romper. I already look like a teenager because of my height so I just dismiss the trend when it comes around every so often. Except this one fits my body really well. Not too short, not too loose. I really like the little pockets on the sides, as well as the big ruffle around the neckline. I figure I can dress it up for nighttime with some low pumps, a belt, and fun accessories, maybe a jacket or cardigan. Then for day I can wear some flat sandals and keep it beach or pool appropriate, bathing suit underneath and all.

I also FINALLY found a big tan belt:

I had been searching everywhere for one of these!

And just for the hell of it, and because shoes are a girls best friend:

I remember around Christmas time that I saw a pair of Steve Maddens that looked somewhat similar to these, but I couldn't afford them at the time. Well, a few months later and Voila. These little knockoffs are mine and for a fraction of that price. I don't own any shoes that resemble these, so that's a great justification in my book. I can't wait to wear them with a little dress. Speaking of shoes, anyone who has managed to get a hold of the Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges is blessed! I doubt I'll score a pair, but they are mighty pretty.

Thanks for reading girls. It's almost Friday!
♥ Noelle


Hey everyone,
Is it Monday already?! Where do the weekends go? I thought I would have time to do a review yesterday, but alas I was gone all weekend and didn't have access to my own laptop. I want to share my thoughts on L'oreal's Magic Perfecting Base. When I saw Linda Evangelista modeling the ads, I had to give this a try!

Here are the claims on the back of the box:
~Get the perfect skin texture, instantly and all day.
~Smoothes lines
~Hides pores (big selling point for me, as I have quite large pores on my cheeks)
~Banishes imperfections
~The silky, lightweight formula glides onto skin, leaving it velvety-smooth to the touch
~The result-a unified matte finish that's flawless
~suitable for all skin types
~Derm tested

My Thoughts: I actually didn't have very high hopes for this primer, mainly because I have tried a few here and there and just haven't seen a real need for using one anyway. Before trying this particular product, I had just finished using the Korres Vitamin E Primer. I liked that one a lot, but still wasn't convinced that a face primer is really necessary. I think that just using a good moisturizer and waiting a few minutes to let it sink in before applying foundation is enough. However, this primer feels much different than anything else I have tried. It has a mousse-like consistency, which I really like. It almost feels like my HD powder from Makeup Forever. It has that same smooth feel. I do notice that my pores appear less noticeable as soon as I apply it. Instant gratification! My foundation glides on evenly. The primer appears light pink when you first apply it to the skin but then blends right in and becomes translucent, so I think any skin tone could wear it. My skin feels pretty matte all day, but I think applying setting powder is the real reason why, and not just because I am wearing this. Is it a miracle product? No, but I do think it stacks up to the more high-end brands I have tried including Korres, Prescriptives, and Smashbox. In fact, I will re-purchase this over any of those! There is only one thing I don't care for - the little jar. I have to dig my finger in there to get any product out, and it's just really cumbersome. I wish it came in a tube instead. That's my only complaint.

It blends in to a clear finish.

I do recommend the L'oreal Base if you are in need of a new face primer. Otherwise, I would just skip primer altogether and just stick with a good moisturizer!


Hello Dolls,
I just want to let everyone know that I am graduating from college in a month! I'm very excited, as it's been a long journey. Unfortunately, this last month is going to be HELL and I don't know how often I will be able to blog. I am thinking only once or twice a week. I guess I feel a little funny blogging about my lack of blogging, but this has become one of my passions, and I can't stay away for long. After graduation, I hope to be blogging a lot, and maybe even re-vamping the look of this! So please bear with me this next month, and I promise I will do my best to post as often as I can. I have a review coming up, as well as a giant OOTD post. I decided that I will take pictures of my outfits whenever I can, and then just do a long post featuring all of them at the end of each month. Thank you to all my new subscribers. Or, um, readers (sorry, I know this isn't YouTube!) If you have any requests or comments, feel free to share =) And I will still read and comment on your blogs, because it's kind of an obsession of mine. I'll be back this weekend with my review!
♥ Noelle


"A friend is one who walks in when others walk out." ~ Walter Winchell

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."

"Best friends are like diamonds, precious and rare."

Well to add my two cents to this little list of famous friendship quotes: "A friend is someone who knows you well enough that she's willing to give you THE prettiest milky, baby pink lipgloss in the world."
I know, Deep aren't I?
But that's exactly what my best friend did a few weeks ago, and I've been slicking this lovely pink gloss on my smackers ever since. Seriously, where has this been all of my life?
Smashbox lipgloss in Pout. A bit sticky, but not as sticky as MAC. A bit of a plastic scent, but not as plastic smelling as NARS. In a word - love.

Thanks, best friend ♥ Cuz I know you're reading this!

Just a quick post I thought I'd share in case anyone is looking for a pretty gloss for Spring and Summer. Oh, and I also have found yet another website to browse late at night when I'm experiencing bouts of insomnia:
http://www.chictopia.com/. There are so many stylish girls out in the world. Inspiration overload.


This isn't technically an outfit of the day because I wore this yesterday, not today. I'm actually sitting in my bath robe as we speak ;) Yesterday I had the day off, and I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful California weather. I have worn this exact same outfit before, about a week and a half ago, but I loved it so much I decided to do a repeat.

I am wearing: a light gray cami from Forever21, a striped tee from American Eagle, shorts from H&M, wedges from Nordstrom (Report), bag H&M, pearl necklace from Forever21, and my latest obsession: mini gold key necklace from House of Harlow (shopbop.com). Oh, and my lilac nails are China Glaze "Light as Air."

What do you girls like to wear on casual days?


When I first started my blog, I was obsessed with the beauty girls on YouTube. I still am by the way, but I remember watching those gurus and being totally amused by the "what's in my purse" videos. I've always been really nosey, and I love snooping in my friends' bags, closets, and makeup drawers (with their consent of course!) I posted a Purse Blog the second month I started blogging and I thought it was a really fun post. So because I am madly in love with my new H&M bag, I figured I would do an updated version. Nothing too exciting once again, but I have learned one very important thing about myself: I love lip products, and I carry far too many around with me.

♥ Such a nice bag in a pretty color. And roomy too! It comes with a shoulder strap but I detached it because for some odd reason I like carrying my bags on my elbow ♥

Just the essentials. Wallet, sunglasses inside their case, keys, mini MAC rose pouch I use to hold my cards, a notebook with pen to write my life down, makeup bag, mini lotion, and hand sanitizer. I normally carry my phone as well, but it was charging at the moment.

Makeup bag

Why? Why does one person need so many tubes of lipgloss and lipstick? It isn't even a makeup bag, it's a lip bag! Noted.

~Have a beautiful weekend everyone~


I am having major writer's block today readers, so it's the opportune time to feature my celebrity style icon for the month. Sometimes it just happens. Words don't form correctly, I get a little lazy pounding away at the keys on my old laptop. But Margherita Missoni is so beautiful, and so the EPITOME of jet-setter that I'll just let these pretty pictures do the talking. All photos courtesy of google. Enjoy!

~Margherita on the left~


I know only one exclamation point in my title is necessary, but three describes my mood much more accurately.

H&M Red Rosette Dress from the Garden Collection

Happy Face

Happy Face

Happy Face ;)

What luck! I still can't believe I managed to track one down.The dress is even more beautiful in person. This picture really doesn't do it justice. The only downside is that it needs to be taken in a bit at the bust, and I have no idea how much an alteration will cost. I bought this dress from a girl in Orange County, and it unfortunately isn't the right size. I sort of knew that before I bought it from her, but the dress is so dreamy I just had to have it! Even if it just sat in my closet and I never wore it, that would be fine by me. Some clothes are just art, and this is a stunning example. I do plan on altering it though because I definitely want to wear it. I need some advice too:
What shoes should I wear? I am thinking nude pumps would be great. And minimal accessories so that the dress itself is the focal point. Any other ideas girls?
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!
♥ Noelle


...In my shower?! Nicole from NV Beauty tagged me and since I loved reading her post, I figured why not? It's a very different tag than what I'm used to seeing, and I like that! But I was thinking, "Is my shower even clean?" Cuz I'm pretty sure you girls wouldn't wanna see a bunch of lime buildup and soap scum ;) Luckily, I just scrubbed my shower so it looks nice and shiny. Anyway, I don't really have much to show by way of pictures so I'm not sure how revealing this will be. But here's where I get so fresh and so clean:

So let's see: An assortment of shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioner, body wash, MAC volcanic ash exfoliator (Love!), a ridiculous bouquet of loofahs, shaving cream (which the bf insisted I use to ensure he won't be rubbing up against sandpaper legs), razor, face cleanser that I want to use up so I can finally buy some Cetaphil, soap, and a sqeegee to wipe down my glass doors. All-in-all, a very small and measly place to invigorate each morning or evening. Definitely not my dream shower. My dream shower consists of marble floors and a HUGE shower head. Or maybe three to get in at all angles. And no hard water, which is what I have. But at least my product caddy is nice.

Oh and one last thing:

A honkin' big bottle of BedHead Superstar Shampoo - sulfate free, the only type of shampoo I will put on my head. I am trying to use only products that are sulfate/paraben free, but am not quite there yet. This bottle is so big, it has its own spot sitting in the corner of my shower.

I tag ANYONE who wants to show me what lurks in YOUR shower!
Happy Weekend!
♥ Noelle