March has been such a great month. The weather is finally warm, I can forgo a sweater, and I'm on Spring Break from school! What better time than now to do my March favorites?

* NARS Albatross highlighter: For some reason, I like wearing highlighter only in the warmer months. I'm not sure why this is, but I do! Albatross is THE BEST highlighter in the world. It gives the most luminous glow to the planes of the face. The light golden sheen casts that lit-from-within-radiance. And NARS products last forever!
* E.L.F. blush and bronzer duo: I went to target a few weeks ago and discovered many of the studio line had finally hit the shelves. I have always wanted to buy this on-line, but I'm glad I waited. For three dollars, you get a peachy-gold blush and a beautiful bronzer with a bit of shimmer. Both are extremely comparable to the NARS orgasm and Laguna duo. This is all I have been wearing on my cheeks as of late.
* Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude: I raved about this last week. It's just a beautiful natural nude that looks great with any lipgloss on top.
* Essie Spring nail polishes i.e. Neo-Whimsical, Van D'Go, and Pop Art Pink ( I went back for the last one). So refreshing to look down at candy-colored nails. And the bonus is that chipping isn't as noticeable with lighter polish.
*MUFE HD Powder: Why did I ever hesitate to buy this? I thought that maybe the white powder would make me appear white too, but it really is translucent. My pores look so much smaller with this on, and my face doesn't need to be re-touched throughout the day.

* See everything I bought in my prior post ;) But...
*The blush colored satchel from H&M is my new pet! I like to just stare at it laying on my bedroom floor. That's not normal is it?
* Shorts! Who knew Ms. "I can't wear shorts, I have a big bum" would actually love them this Spring? I just have to make sure to keep the rest of me covered.

And my one sad regret. I would have killed to own this H&M Garden Collection dress! Ok, not at all really. But I had high hopes that I would be able to get my hands on one before they sold out...which they did, in one day! And this dress was only carried by some H&M stores, and of course I didn't realize that until it was too late!

Be still my heart ;( I had visions of myself wearing this on my graduation day. Oh Gawd, it's hard to even look at it without wanting to crawl out of my skin! Oh well, I can't dwell on it. It's just a dress. A really exquisite one, but still just a dress. If anyone happens to miraculously find one in a small size, i'll pay you for it!

What are your March faves? Have you ever wanted something so badly, but weren't able to get your hands on it?
Enough crying! Happy Monday Readers.
♥ Noelle


I did some major damage the other day when I went on a spring fashion shopfest. Needless to say, I'm done for at LEAST a month...at least! But I'm so happy with all of my new purchases, and everything I bought will incorporate nicely with many pieces that I already own. My closet is bursting at the seams! Not because I own so much, but because I unfortunately don't have a walk-in. My closet is tiny (sad face). Let me know if you like these type of posts. I personally love snooping in others' shopping bags, but I know some may think that these "look what I bought" ramblings are a little over the top. I do bargain shop though, and I think I get things at good prices. So here are some new Spring additions:

From H&M:

A peachy-pink tank from the new Garden Collection. So perfect for Spring! I believe this was around $18.

The middle section of the tank consists of beautiful chiffon roses. I really want the red strapless dress from the collection but I can't seem to find it despite going to H&M twice in the past couple of weeks. Has anyone seen it?

Charcoal shorts that aren't too short. I want to wear these with a flowy top so I feel covered up. $ 24.50

Creme top with lace puffy sleeves. This top was under $10!

Gray belt. I can't for the life of me remember the price but I know it was inexpensive.

~My favorite~ Blush colored bag, $ 24.50. I am going to do an updated "what's in my purse" post ;) This bag along with my cognac colored Michael Kors purse means I'm set for Spring/Summer. No more bags until next year...I think...pretty sure.


And because I ♥ shoes:

One last thing from Lulus.com:

It was $33 and it fits me so well! Thank you to Chloe and to Lynn for telling me about this website!

Has anyone gone shop-crazy for Spring? I know I can't be the only one.
♥ Noelle


I've been getting that urge again readers. I want to bust out the shimmery bronzer, gold eyeshadow, and coral-pink blush. But more than anything, I want to linger back to nude lips. Over winter, I had fun experimenting with red. And no matter what, I can rely on my loyal stand-bys such as Nude Rose and Way to Love. I can throw those pinky-nudes on with anything, no thinking required. Even though I have come to realize that true nudes are almost impossible for me to feel comfortable wearing, I still like to try. Well, I think I have found a true nude that I like seeing on myself. It is from Revlon's new Colorburst lipstick line, and it is called " Soft Nude." I think the name suits this lipstick perfectly, because a soft nude is exactly what it is. It is wearable on its own or layered with a gloss on top which is how I've been wearing it. My only complaint is that it feels a bit drying on my lips. If your lips aren't in great condition, the color will settle into any lines or dry patches. I think that happens with any light lip look though, so just be sure to moisturize before applying. I'm not sure what other color I could compare Soft Nude to since I don't own lipsticks such as MAC's Myth, Creme D' Nude, or Hue. I do own Blankety, and I can tell you that Soft Nude is more peachy than pink. Blankety has pink undertones, while Soft Nude is I guess more on the peach side. Overall, if your interested in a nude lipstick, I think Revlon's is a good option. Wait until your drugstore has a sale on Revlon cosmetics so you will pay even less! I'm keeping this nude in my purse so it's always on hand ;)

With Flash

True to Life


I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Once again, the weather here in California is leaving me in a very sunny disposition. So why am I holed up inside, cleaning and re-arranging my jewelry drawer? I don't really know, except to note that I have three current fixations:

Sparkly cocktail rings that take over my tiny wishbone fingers.

Studs of any variety, but pearls, flowers, and wanna-be silver Tiffany balls adorn my ears at any given time.

Layering bracelets looks so pretty. I have three I like to layer, but I need at least two or three more!

Now let's see if I can get some sun ;)
♥ Noelle


I don't know about you, but on my days off I love going to CVS, RiteAid, and Target. I could spend hours browsing the beauty isles for the lastest must-try products. New products are introduced into the market every day, so it can be a little overwhelming. Some new products are far too gimicky for my taste (a foundation roller resembling an actual paint roller? huh?) Some products just seem too good to be true. But I have my old stand-bys, products that I will continue to re-purchase no matter what new fads come and go.

Drugstore mascara really is the best in my opinion. I just don't see the point in spending top dollar for a product that has to be tossed in three months time. My favorites include CG Lash Blast, Maybelline Full 'N Soft, and L'oreal Double Extend. I like the Lash Blast anytime, the Full 'N Soft for weekdays, and the Double Extend for extra voluminous weekend lashes.

I have tried several, and I mean several makeup remover wipes. Garnier, Equate, Kirkland, Soap and Glory. But these Neutrogena night calming wipes are the best. They are incredibly moist, which I appreciate even more after trying and failing with Korres Pomegranate wipes. Those were so incredibly dry! I like my wipes nice and damp to ensure they do what they're designed to - remove makeup!

I raved about the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette in a previous post, so I won't go into too much detail. I hope it never gets discontinued!

This instant bronzer by L'oreal is a somewhat new product for me (two months), so I was a bit reluctant to include it. I know some may not like this one, because it gives very sheer color. If you really want a noticeable tan, this won't be what you're looking for. You should stick to a sunless tanner. But if you want a slight, instant glow on your arms and legs, I really suggest giving this a try. Now that the weather is getting warmer here in California, I feel a little self-conscious about my pale legs in dresses and skirts. I have been mixing some of this liquid bronzer in with my regular moisturizer, and it helps give my legs a tiny bit of warmth and shine.

The CVS brand Cocoa Body Wash smells divine, is super moisturizing, and is under three bucks. The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle repairs the ends of my hair and leaves it feeling soft and healthy. And it's also really cheap!

I couldn't have a "tried and true" post without mentioning "the ultimate beauty tool." Q-Tips are genious! God, I wish my family had invented this one. Who knew that a little white stick with  tiny cotton swabs on each end would be the savior of ears, eyeliner, and messy nail polish everywhere?

I hope you enjoyed reading! I'm sure I will continue to add to my must-have list, but I'd really like to know what tried and true drugstore products you girls love?


I was awarded last week (sorry this is late) by Nicole from NV Beauty. Thank you so much!

What a pretty award for Spring!

1. Post logo on your blog
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers who inspire you
3. Link the bloggers & let them know
I'd like to pass this on to:






Diamonds and Tulle







Happy Monday? ; )


Happy Friday everyone! I'm so thrilled it's finally the weekend. Thank you for your sweet comments about my stressful week, I really appreciated it. But, now it's time for some R&R. And maybe a couple drinks later ;) Yesterday I blogged about a mustard top that I bought recently at Forever 21. I just love the color. I honestly can say that I have never worn yellow in my life. I'm not one to bring too much attention to myself, and I always thought that yellow was too "notice me." As soon as I put this top on, my mood was lifted instantly! And in my opinion, that's what clothes should do.

Yellow Top: Forever 21
Heather Grey Cami (Underneath): Forever 21
Light Grey Cardigan: Express (Last year)
Skinny Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction (Can't. Stop. Wearing. These.)
Long Necklace: Macy's? It's very old.
Silver Ring: Tiffany&Co

I really like the yellow and grey combo. What do you girls think? I was going to add a belt, but I like the blousy top with the skinny jeans. Plus, I enjoy eating well on the weekends so I thought i'd skip the constraints of belting it ;)


I hope everyone has had a good week. Mine has been a bit rough, but it's almost the weekend again! I just wanted to share some things I have purchased recently. And guess what readers? No black clothes in this one. It was hard, but I am very proud of myself for venturing over into the world of color.

Bright yellow flip-flops, Express obviously ;)

It looks like a dress, but is actually a flowy top with flutter sleeves. Nordstrom Rack (Michael Kors)

Mustard (finally!) top, Forever 21. I'll have to wear this in an OOTD post. It looks much better on the body than on the hanger...trust me!

My affinity for Mr. Kors is red hot these days! This was on sale at TJ Maxx. I love the buttery feel of the leather, as well as the cognac color. Great for Spring and Summer.

From Sephora: Benefit Coralista blush and MUFE HD powder. I HAD to give in. I have been dreaming about these for a long time now. The perfume is called Velvet from Victoria's Secret. My best friend wears it, and I love the scent. It's very sexy. If sexy could be bottled, than this is what it would smell like. And how beautiful is the bottle and the velvet bow?

From AllCosmeticsWholesale.com: Another MAC "Way to love" lipstick, because I finished my first tube. I'm so lucky that I happened to look at the website that very morning! They also sell Sigma products now, so I picked up an eyeshadow in "Indian Girl." It's a very pretty taupey-silver. I really like this website. Shipping is fast, and you can find so many discontinued or LE cosmetics there.

I love retail therapy.


Overall, I was fairly underwhelmed with the fashion at the Oscars this year. Many of today's brightest actresses looked...pretty...nice...perfectly fine. But no one really stood out in my mind, and certainly no one dazzled me. I've heard some commentators blame our poor economy, lamenting that Hollywood wanted to take a more subtle approach this year. I'm not entirely sure that I buy that, but either way, the red carpet has seen better days. So with that being said, here are my picks for best dressed.

Rachel Mcadams in Elie Saab. The watercolor effect is beautiful.

Kate Winslet, YSL. Glamour at its best. I especially love her hair.

Ok, I am a bit reluctant in including her. No offense to those that like Miley Cyrus, but maybe I'm just too old now? She did look very pretty in this Jenny Packham frock. In fact, I would love my wedding dress to look similar!

And my best dressed is Cameron Diaz in Oscar De La Renta. She could be the golden statue herself ;) Just lovely.

~If you would like to see a full roundup of all the oscar fashion this year, I suggest watching The Fashion Police on E! tonight at 10:00. That's what i'll be doing. They're way too brutal on that show though. Be nice Joan Rivers, just be nice!~


I woke up early this morning, just to make a mad dash for my laptop so that I could order this from Target:

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target
Except...it has already been narrowed down to size 1 or size 7, and that's it. What?! How is it possible that i'm not the only nut who wakes up early to stalk a website? It just debuted this morning! And how is it that all the other sizes in that dress are already sold out? I would go to my Target and just look at it in-store, but the nearest location that is selling his line is 45 minutes away, and I want to wait until after class tomorrow since it is close to school. By the way, the dress is made of 100% nylon. Hmmmmm, not sure about that either. Nylon, isn't that raincoat material? There was a negative review or two on the website about it. I guess it looks much prettier on-line (evil computers) than it does in person. So, maybe I'll go to Target tomorrow and be just as throughly disappointed. Which wouldn't be a bad thing. My wallet might thank me ;)

P.S. The Oscars are on tonight! That means lots of fashion talk. I'll have my favorites posted sometime tomorrow afternoon.


I went to the MAC counter today to buy cremesheens in "Fashion Scoop," which you girls probably know by now is my favorite lip product of all time. It is the prettiest milky pink. I also purchased a beautiful peachy-coral color named "Richer, Lusher." The best way I can describe it is "juicy" - meaning it makes my lips look plump and kissable ;) It isn't exactly as it appears in the tube, but it is still a gorgeous color that is much more opaque than Fashion Scoop or many of the other cremesheens. I also bought a lip pencil called "In Synch." Now, I hardly ever wear a lip pencil. My lips are pretty full on their own, and I never notice any problems with lipcolor bleeding, so a pencil is just another unnecessary step in my routine. But, the MAC girl who helped me was wearing In Synch with Fashion Scoop, and it looked like such a pretty combination! Apparently, it's also the same pairing that the models are wearing in the ad for the collection. So, i'm a sucker and I was sold! I've already tried everything out, and I'm in love with Richer, Lusher. I want to buy another, just in case. And of course, I can never own too many Fashion Scoop cremesheens.

L to R: Fashion Scoop, Richer Lusher, and In Synch

L to R: In Synch, Fashion Scoop, Richer Lusher

Just to prove my undying, obsessive-compulsive love for cremesheens:

L to R: Fashion Scoop, Melt in Your Mouth, Ever So Rich, Boy Bait, and Richer Lusher.

Happy Friday,
♥ Noelle


I have decided to feature one celebrity each month whose style serves as an inspiration to me. Last month it was Lauren Conrad, and this month I want to feature the ever-seductive Eva Mendes. My boyfriend and I love her (no surprise there !) I really can't say what it is about Eva that I find so appealing, but the woman's got a killer body and she wears clothes very well. She looks feminine because she IS feminine. She's confident, radiant, and isn't afraid to show a little skin. *All photos were found using Google.*

I love her sultry eye makeup and golden hair.

Golden Globes, 2009. Styling courtesy of Rachel Zoe.

Yellow looks gorgeous on her bronzed skin. I am still obsessed with this color, and still having a hard time finding it in stores.

Sexy in a leopard shirt dress and big cocktail ring.

Let me know if you like the monthly style icon post. Who are your inspirations? Maybe I can feature them in up-coming posts!


In my Feb. favorites post, I mentioned ordering a skirt from Forever 21. I am always leery of purchasing clothes on-line, because I don't know how the item will actually fit my body. And, sometimes my computer moniter likes to play evil tricks on me; it is hard to tell what something looks like in person. I like to touch fabric and inspect seams, and this is of course impossible when shopping over the internet. I was really hoping that the tweed and lace skirt I bought would fit...and it does! I am so happy I trusted my instincts and went for it. Shipping only took four days, and it arrived without any creases or wrinkles ;)

Gray Floral Applique Tee: Click Here
Nordstrom BP Cardigan in Peacoat: On Sale Here
Forever 21 Lacy Tweed Skirt: Still Available!
Black Double-Stranded Bead Necklace: Boutique near my school
Michael Kors Pumps: Nordstrom Rack

On a side note, I got my hair done this past weekend and I loved the way my hair was styled. Very different from my how I normally do it!

I pulled it back, just for the hell of it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend,
♥ Noelle