For the past few months, I have been getting horrible, horrible migraines. The kind where every sound and light becomes agonizing. I chalked it up to stress or even that time of the month for awhile. I mean, it happens right ladies? Until it started happening a lot at work and then I realized it was my eyes. I have suffered (yes, suffered) from astigmatism for about five years and my old glasses just weren't cutting it anymore. I kept wondering why the heck the world looked so blurry all the time. I think I was in denial. I've had perfect vision my entire life and I couldn't bear the thought of needing glasses at the ripe old age of twenty-something ;) But I sort of got used to seeing everything through a fog. Squinting became the norm. Then came the headaches, then came another realization: wait, are those frown lines developing on my forehead? From trying to actually see clearly? Oh no! That did it! My boss sent me to an optomatrist last week and I just received my new specs...Micheal Kors of course! What CAN'T that tan man do?

I personally like the bright yellow cheetah case ;)

I'm just not so sure if I like the glasses on me. I'm going to wear them at work and while I'm driving. I guess when I'm watching TV too. But all the time? I just can't. Call me vain, call me silly. But I just can't wear them ALL THE TIME. The doc told me I can get lasik to correct it, since it's really only my right eye that's a mess. The other eye can actually be corrected just by wearing the glasses. I don't really undertstand that but I'll take his word for it.

I can put my hair up and go for the naughty secretary. Otherwise, these babies will stay in their pretty yellow case as often as possible! And then I'll get the lasik ;)

So, on to the two awards ;) I was given one by my friend Crystal and one by petitegorgeous. I have been following Crystal's blog ever since I first started mine, and I love her to death. If you want great beauty product reviews from a girl who really knows her stuff, then please check her out! I recently just discovered petitegorgeous (sorry, I don't know her actual name!) and I LOVE her blog! She's a great writer, as well as a polished dresser. Thank you so much girls for the awards.

I always sometimes break the rules when I get awards, so I am going to award six bloggers who I think really deserve these too:

If I could list everyone, I would. My blogger list is a mile long!
♥ Noelle


Happy Monday Readers (insert moan). The weekends just fly by too darn quickly these days! At least I have a long weekend in Lake Havasu, Arizona to look forward to. Good 'ol fourth of July! Anyways, I just wanted to do a quick post about some of the websites that I frequent daily, and I also wanted to mention a few favorites for this month. I'm not doing monthly favorites as often because I tend to stick to the same routines during the Summer and I also don't wear as much makeup either. So let's start with my obsessive compulsive need to visit these sites regularly. I hope you will check them out as well if you don't already. And yes, they are all fashion and beauty related:










And of course...youtube

Let me know what websites you frequent every day. I can always add more to my list!

Now on to some favorites. Lately, I have been wearing these products incessently.

Marine Life Highlight Powder...most of the gold overspray is gone now but it's still really beautiful.

All of these polishes I blogged about earlier this month

NYX eyeshadows. One swipe all over the lid and I'm good to go.

Instant Chic Blush by MAC

Oh, and lots of bronzer!

Now that it's really heating up, are you wearing less makeup? Have a great day!


Now that Summertime is officially upon us, I wanted to show you a list of things that every girl should have in her arsenal. I'm sure you have seen these types of articles in every women's magazine. "Summer Survival Guide" or "Get Ready for Summer." Well, here's my list:

1) A bathing suit. Not just any bathing suit. A bathing suit that actually fits properly! No one wants to be spilliing out of her top when she's trying to take a dip in the ocean. This part of Summer is always tricky. I don't know a single girl who enjoys the process of trying on a million different suits. But that's really what you have to do in order to see what works and what doesn't on your body. There are so many brands at varying price points that a cute, well fitting suit shouldn't be too hard to find.

These by Victorias Secret are colorful and girly without exposing too much.

2) Now that you have the perfect suit, it's time to go play in the sun! Just don't forget to wear sunscreen. I admit, I love getting a nice tan. When I was in high school, I never wore sunscreen which I now realize was a huge mistake. But it's never too late to correct past bad behaviors so I slather on the stuff generously and often. I personally love CopperTones Oil Free Sunscreen because it rubs into the skin quickly and I don't have to worry about it clogging my pores and causing a break out. And, even though I consistently wear sunscreen, I still manage to pull off a nice Summer glow. If you spend enough time in the sun, even wearing tons of sun protection, you will still get a bit of color. The rest you can fake with...

3) Bronzer! Bronzer is your best friend this time of year. I like to stick with matte bronzer on my face, although I like to use one with shimmer on my cheekbones for some added radiance. On the rest of my body, I have been using L'oreal's Sublime Bronze Tinted Gel for instant glowy gratification. The best part is that it washes right off in the shower. Otherwise, a good self tanner does the same job, but it lasts.

4) Easy makeup and hair are the best parts of Summer in my opinion, at least in terms of getting ready. I usually switch over to my Korres tinted moisturizer and cream products such as blush. I love dewy makeup in the Summer. A single shimmery shadow, a little bit of liner, and some water proof mascara and I'm out the door. Also, don't be afraid to use a fun, bright lipgloss. Corals are really popular this year, but pinks are always pretty too. For something more subtle, a good nude lip complements golden skin. Just don't forget SPF! As for hair, I like to put down the blow dryer and straightener as much as possible, especially on days off. I use a little bit of wave spray or texturizer to amp up my natural waves. Just do whatever feels easiest to you.

5) Bright Nail Polish. The only time of the year I feel like I can really get away with just about any color. Take your pick!

6) Lastly, Summer dressing should be effortless and fun as well. I live in dresses and sandals. There are so many options out there that it's easy to find things within your budget.

Go for color! I still wear black too, but color feels fresher (and literally cooler).

I know my list could go on and on because this is my favorite time of the year! I also want to mention hats and sunglasses, two very important Summer items. Other than that, what are your essentials?


As an avid lover of fashion, my trip to New York was as much about clothes as it was about the Statue of Liberty and Central Park. Thank God that the boyfriend was understanding about my need to take in the sights on 5th Ave and Soho. I loved people watching everywhere we went. I felt so inspired by what I saw, not only on the streets, cafes, and stores but also in the art. It was exactly as creative and beautiful as I imagined. And to top it all off, I think boyfriend will never tease me again about my love for shoes, bags, and that "red cupcake dress" I stare at in my closet every morning. He gets it now.
I wanted to take lots of outfit pictures. Sadly, I was only able to take three. After New York, we headed to his family's farm in Ohio and it was humid like I've never felt before in my life! 90 percent humidity on top of 90 degree weather? That's just crazy! So our days spent in Ohio were wet and sticky and my hair looked like a puffy brillo pad. And I wore nothing but shorts and tees. Translation? No outfit pictures from Ohio. Oh well, from one extreme to another. New York was a playground, Ohio was a sleepy porch to enjoy the sound of thunder and watch lightning bugs zap on and off like little lightbulbs.

Our first full day in New York. It was a bit rainy, but definitely not cold. It was perfect actually. The black cardi and skinny jeans are from Express, the dusty rose top is from H&M. My ballet flats are from Zara and the purse is Michael Kors.

Of course I wore my HoH key necklace and layered it with my 36 inch Lisa Taubes chain, which is pure love by the way. It really dresses up any top.

The second day I wore my new navy chilltown dress from Lulus paired with a teal cardigan from Nordstrom. I threw on a scarf later at night when it got chilly.

At Megu in Soho wearing my red rose dress from H&M. If I could only wear one thing for the rest of my life, I'm pretty certain it would be this dress. I just love it to death. The nude pumps are from DSW by Steve Madden and the tan clutch is by Jessica Simpson.

~I also wore a black dress with a large belt and creme scarf, but I was unable to get a picture.

I looked in a lot of stores while we were walking around the city, but I didn't have a lot of time to really enjoy shopping.

Nude wedges from the giant H&M by our hotel.

Lacy creme top and teal dress from Forever 21

I love Duane reade! You New Yorkers are so lucky!

I had to get one of these.

I'm sure you all are sick of my vacation talk, so this is the last of it. Back to normal blogging, at least until we can afford another fun trip somewhere ;)
Happy Monday!


I'm baaaaaaaack! Oh how I've missed my little laptop! And most importantly, how I've missed you all! It's going to take me a long time to catch up on everybody's posts. I think I'm better off just starting fresh, and pretending like you all have been on vacation from Blogger-land too ;) Well, I honestly don't know what to write. I think my lack of typing over the past week has turned my brain into a pile of...mush? You get what I mean. I'm sure all of the amazing New York food (pizza at Lombardi's, pastrami sandwiches at Stage Deli, Kobe beef at Megu's, not to mention drinks a plenty of the alcoholic variety) have no doubt impaired my vocabulary a bit! All I can really stress is, I LOVE NEW YORK CITY! The people, the lights, the tall skyscrapers, the architechture, the crazy cabbies, the history, the sounds, the buzz of the city...what a deliriously happy trip it was. I can't wait to go again! Because we definitely will.

First night in Times Square. Our hotel was only a block away.

New York Skyline from Liberty Island

We were almost in tears when we saw her. So much history.

Central Park of course.

Walking along 5th Ave. The bf even forced me to go into Chanel and show him the purse I'm saving for ;) The saleslady was super nice.

Megu, quite possibly the most extravagant and beautiful restaurant we have ever seen. The Kobe beef melted in my mouth. I should have taken a picture of my food but I was afraid of getting strange looks!

The ice sculpture is carved fresh every day.

On top of the Empire State Building.

I did manage to take a couple outfit pictures, but I'll post those separately along with a couple of purchases. I didn't buy much though, surprisingly. I mainly ate and drank my money ;)
I hope you are all well! Happy Friday!
♥ Noelle


Except i know when i'll be back again! Next weekend to be exact. The boyfriend and I are headed for NYC tomorrow morning, followed by a stay in Ohio to meet the future fam ;) I'm so excited to get away for a bit. The only thing that's going to be difficult is that I won't be able to blog while I'm gone, nor will I be able to read your blogs either unless I can sneak away and use the internet somewhere. Torture, sheer torture! At least I get emails sent to my phone. Sometimes I wonder how the hell I survived without you girls feeding my addiction to bloggy goodness. But I know when I get back i'll have a solid day's worth of reading and catching up to do, as well as a few fun posts from my trip. Have a great week and a half everyone!
Packing is also torture for me. I hate it.

I've barely started.

This makeup traveler is a life saver because it has a lot of compartments and it rolls up. My boyfriend thinks i'm a freak.

These lip products are coming with me in my purse! Along with my jewelry, camera, and any other "important" items. I like to have those things with me in case my giant suitcase gets lost in transit.

♥ Noelle


Top Row: Wet N Wild Candy Apple Twist, Wet N Wild Lemon Drops, Victoria's Secret (misspelled in pic) Cocktail, Essie Shop Til I Drop, Essie Van D' Go
Bottom Row: Essie Mint Candy Apple, Essie Pop Art Pink, Essie Splash of Grenadine, OPI Mod About You, Revlon Plum Seduction

These polishes will live on my nails for the next few months. I like doing brights when I'm tan, but nude or light pink also looks great with bronzey skin. I know some of these polishes are limited edition, but they can be re-created using any brand out there.

What are your favorites for Summer? I love nail polish so suggestions are welcomed!


Hey Everyone,
I hope you all are having a lovely weekend. It is gorgeous here in southern California, but it is expected to get into the 90's! I am going over to the boyfriend's parents house to hop in their pool =) I have been meaning to post some things that I have purchased recently, but I haven't had the time so I thought I would do it now. Most of this was acquired about a week or two ago, when I went a little spending crazy. But I am very happy with everything, and I know these things will see a lot of love over the Summer.

Chilltown dress from Lulus in Navy. I have seen this on the site in multiple colors, and they sell very well.

These pretty peep toes were only 15 dollars after being 35% off at Nordstrom Rack. I like the cool cut out design on the toe. Kinda edgy for me I guess. I'm wearing them out to a movie tonight!

Ok, this isn't clothing. But I bought this little sampler of Phyto products for two reasons at Ulta: One, I have heard really great things about this haircare line and I am curious to test it out. And two, I plan on taking this on my vacation next week. It comes with a shampoo, a leave-in cream, and a hair mask.

Tee, Forever 21

I liked the giant ruffle neckline on this tank from Forever 21

A few weeks ago, I saw this skirt in Veronika's haul. It was gorgeous in creme. I also saw Chloe wearing the same skirt. I completely stumbled upon this, and it only came in black at my Forever 21. But, I have been wanting a black skirt for ages now so I'm happy I found one with lace detailing.

My one bathing suit buy for the Summer, by Jessica Simpson. It's kinda retro as well, no?

The top makes my little girls look much bigger ;) I had to say it.

Lisa Taubes 36' gold fill chain from Lorraine Stanick's blog. I have been wanting this necklace for a long time now but I always hesitated.

Have a great weekend!


Ok, so this "face of the day" is pitiful. This awful attempt at showcasing a makeup look reconfirms my sentiment that my Kodak camera needs to go buh-bye. It's great at taking pictures of inanimate objects, but not so great at capturing people. The focus is pretty decent, but the lighting settings are so irritating to work with! When I use the flash setting, everyone looks ghostly and washed out. When I don't use a flash, the picture comes out way too dark and drab. Hence, my lack of face closeups over the past year that I've been blogging about beauty (and fashion ♥). I promised you guys I would do a look using my new products from MAC's To the Beach collection and I swear I tried. I really promise I did. I seriously took, like, 100 photos when I got home from work yesterday and discovered my Hipness blush had arrived in the mail. Then the sun started to set and I thought "to heck with it!" I know you have seen swatches, and I'm pretty sure many of you own these very same products already, so you get the idea of how gorgeous this collection is. The blush and the Marine Life powder are quite pigmented. Hipness is a pinky-coral, while the powder is a redish -coral. I used both products to layer on my cheeks. I did the same with Splashing and Easy Lounger Lipglosses.

So this is the best I could do. You can kind of see the contour of the blushes mixed together, as well as the pretty, shiny lipglasses.
Face: L'oreal Magic Perfecting Primer
MUFE Mat Velvet +
Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette
Korres Bronzer in Sunglow Light
Cheeks: MAC To the Beach Blush in Hipness
MAC Marine Life Highlight Powder
Eyes: UD Primer Potion
NYX eyeshadow in Sahara all over the lid
MAC shadow in Woodwinked in the crease
MAC shadow in Dazzlelight as a highlight
UD 24/7 Pencil in Bourbon
CG LashBlast
Lips: MAC To the Beach Lipglasses in Splashing and Easy Lounger layered.

So from now on, I'll leave the face close-ups to the beauty bloggers with great cameras! Hopefully I get a new one for my birthday in a few months :)

Happy Wednesday!