No long, wordy post today girls. It is raining, and I am planning on taking a nice hot bath to relax and warm up my bones! I just wanted to post some swatches of the three Essie nail colors that I mentioned a few weeks ago in my Essie Spring Nails post:

~Luscious Lips~ Very, very sheer! A bit too sheer, as this is after two coats. Nothing special, and certainly not what it looked like in the bottle. However, these polishes were buy two, get one free so I don't really regret it. It's nice and natural, almost like my own nails but better. I guess. Not thrilled.

~Neo-Whimsical~ So pretty! Again, a bit on the sheer side but still a lovely shade of pinky-lilac. I know I'm going to wear this one a ton over the next few months.

~Van D'Go~ I KNEW this would be my favorite out of the three! Love, love, love it. I am wearing it on my nails right now and it is just so gorgeous and vibrant. And, it's super opaque which I am pleased with.

Overall, I find Essie to be a bit streaky in application as well as very sheer. Van D'Go is the exception as far as it being opaque. I still favor Sephora by OPI and the regular OPI polishes, but if I want more natural color then Essie is still a good option. And Van D'Go is now one of my favorite colors of all time.
Happy Saturday! Where's the sun when I need it?
♥ Noelle


February is such a short month! I can't believe it's almost March. Well, thank God, because that means we are that much closer to the official arrival of Spring. I didn't do favorites last month, mainly because they haven't been changing very much, but there are some things that I'd like to mention for the month of February:

~ Urban Decay Alice palette: I love the beautiful colors that this offers. All are rather neutral surprisingly; the bright green and blue in it are exceptions that will make gorgeous liners in the Summertime. My personal favorite shades are Mushroom, Queen, Muchness, Drink Me Eat Me, and White Rabbit. I'm sure those of you that were lucky enough to get your hands on this palette will also agree that it is a favorite for this month...right?!
~ MUFE Mat Velvet + Foundation: I just love this stuff. It covers inperfections flawlessly and gives me a nice matte finish, while still looking natural. My skin is still acting up a bit, but you can't tell when I have this on. I am trying to use it sparingly because I don't want to finish it. I just might have to re-purchase, despite the $34 price-tag! My problem is, when I find a product I like, I am very loyal to it.
~ Maybelline Full and Soft Mascara: I needed a good every day mascara that wouldn't be too much, but that would still give my lashes some volume and definition. I decided to give this a go when Laura of Lollipop26 mentioned this in one of her videos. I'm glad I decided to buy it. I used this in high school, and now I know why I loved it so much then.
~ MAC lipsticks in Myself, Nude Rose, and Bare slimshine. Perfect, goof-proof colors for daily wear.
~ MAC eye kohl in Teddy, which is the prettiest brown liner I have ever seen. It has tiny gold flecks in it, but the shimmer isn't noticeable once it's applied. I have honestly been wearing this every day. If anyone is in need of brown liner, I highly suggest taking a look at Teddy.

~ Ruffles on everything!
~ Florals, but I am kind of picky. The print has to be a little understated for me.
~ Jewel Tones: On the hunt for teal, jade green, bright yellow or mustard, and fushia. Remember my picks for the Sag awards? Yes, well anything that resembles those colors and dresses is what I want.
~ Soft t-shirts to wear casually with jeans. I just bought a light gray tee from Charlotte Russe and it fits so nicely. The fabric is unusually soft to the touch. Pair tees with cardigans, flats, and some great excess-ories and you are good to go.
~ Pearls: I think I am in an ultra-girly state of mind at the moment!
~ Cocktail Rings: The gawdier the better. If grandma wore it once upon a time in her hey-day, I like it =)
~ Lace. Ooooo, I just ordered this from Forever 21.com:

Please fit, please fit, please fit! I ordered a medium, figuring if it's a bit too big I can have it cinched in at the waist. I have a really small waist, but a big booty so I have this problem a lot ;)

What are your favorites lately? I really want to know!


 Ok, so you guys know I love to write. I especially love to write about beauty products, makeup, shoes, nail polish, the occasional breakouts on my chin (insert sad face). But I also really like to write about clothes and how I like to put myself together. I don't claim to be the most fashion savvy girl on the planet, and I unfortunately don't have the money yet to afford Chanel, C.L.'s and Louis Vuitton. But, even more than blogging about clothing, I also love reading what other fashion forward girls have to say. I only recently have begun to discover the fabulous world of fashion bloggers, but I am so happy that I have. It's such a nice complement to my beauty blog list. Beauty AND fashion...They go hand-in-hand in my opinion ;) So here are some fashion-y girls I think you will love if you ever need some inspiration. I'm not going to go into these in detail, just click on the links if you're interested.














Phew, wow that was a lot. I didn't realize I have subscribed to so many blogs! No wonder I spend hours on here, just reading. This isn't a tag or anything, I just wanted to share some good information. I hope you don't mind =) Oh, and I also want to mention Be In Style, a blog about fashion, beauty, and accessories. My three loves.

♥ Noelle


It was no easy feat, I assure you. Concealer has always been tricky for me. I have tried low-end brands from the drugstore as well as higher end brands from department stores. Maybelline, L'oreal, Clinique, Prescriptives. And they were all ok, but not exactly the coverage or brightness that I was looking for. I used to own a brightening concealer pen from a brand called Pout that used to be available at Victoria's Secret and Sephora, but it got discontinued. I have a similar product from Prescriptives called "Site Unseen" but now Prescriptives is being discontinued as well. What is up with that anyway? Well I was about to give up on my endless quest to find a product that would sufficiently cover the bags under my eyes until I discovered this quad at Target from Sonia Kashuk:

It is called the hidden agenda concealer palette and I believe I paid around nine dollars for it (don't quote me on that). I like to use the shades on the left. The shade at the top matches my skin exactly, and the shade underneath that one has a bit of a greenish tinge to it, making it exceptional for covering red spots. The top right shade is pretty dark, so I haven't used it at all yet. The bottom right shade is actually a setting powder and it does so really well. I remember a few youtube gurus mentioning this product, but I thought it had been discontinued. I hope it never is! I plan on re-purchasing as many times as I need to. I just love the creamy consistency of these concealers. They are buildable and never cakey. Plus, you can easily customize your proper shade by combining colors. Of course, this is just my experience with this product, but I have been using it on a daily basis for over a month now. I firmly stand by my recommendation. It's a great find.

♥ Noelle


I know everyone has seen tons and tons of pictures, reviews, and swatches of the Urban Decay "Alice in Wonderland" palette, as well as the new Lady Gaga for MAC Viva Glam lipstick. So I'll spare you a long post. But hey, I just wanted to share in the fun. They are both beautiful products that photograph brilliantly! And they wear well too ;)

For someone like myself who doesn't own a lot of UD shadows, this palette of their 16 best-selling shades (all re-named) is a must.

I was going to buy this regardless! I love her, I love MAC, and it's for a good cause. Later in the Spring, I am going to buy the coral-red Cyndi shade. I think it will look better on me once I am tan again.

Do you own either, none, or both?


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was amazing. The boyfriend and I went to Laguna Beach to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed at a beautiful hotel that was located overlooking the ocean. I really love it there. We honestly spent most of our weekend just people watching, window shopping, and eating! Saturday night, we went out to dinner and here are a couple pictures of what I wore:

He took this one for me ;) I have on:
~Dress: Rodarte for Target (such a smart buy, I love it!)
~Black Cardigan: Express last year
~Wide patent leather belt: Windsor
~Pumps: Kenneth Cole Reaction (DSW, another great buy)
~Assorted Jewelry: All Over The Place!

I also carried a clutch from Express but it isn't shown. And I didn't end up doing red lips a la Penelope Cruz. I was planning on it, but then I went to MAC on Friday and picked up the new Lady Gaga for Viva Glam l/s...it is a fun, super bright pink! I just topped it off with some fashion scoop though to tone it down a bit and make it more wearable.

All in all, I had a great time and our anniversary was the best one we've had yet ;) Oh, and here is a picture from our hotel. It was such a lovely sunset in Laguna.

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you so much to my 100 readers!


In keeping with my current need for anything non-wintery, I just wanted to share some pictures of Ms. Conrad. She has been wearing a lot of the citrus color lately, and I am loving it! It's a breath of fresh air.

She looks like an old-Hollywood glamour girl.

I'll just wear what she's wearing please.

It's no secret that I love Lauren Conrad. Forget Laguna Beach and The Hills, this girl has style. She's just naturally pretty. And I want to raid her closet. And I want her clothes. I still love my neutrals, but I think from now on, i'll follow her lead and keep an eye out for yellow.

***By the way girls, I hope you don't mind me doing a lot of fashion posts lately. I still love my makeup, but I have been following various fashion bloggers, and I can't get enough. I find myself buying more clothes (and shoes) and buying less beauty products. But I still love both! And I want to continue blogging about both! Variety really is the spice of life. If that's ok with you ;) ***


Look at this M.A.C Summer collection posted on http://www.temptalia.com/:

I just died. And this is heaven. Not only do I love the bronze, coral, green, and pink makeup...but how cute is the beachy packaging? And i'm never really that into a product's packaging. The collection launches late in May, and I have a feeling I am going to splurge as my graduation present to myself ;)

~Pictures courtesy of the amazing Temptalia. You can see more product information here~


I ventured to Orange County last weekend, the sole reason being I wanted to buy some shoes from DSW. It's unfortunate that it is over an hour away from the town where I live, but as soon as I walked into the MASSIVE warehouse, I knew the drive had been totally worth it. A real shoe addict's dream: rows upon rows of heels, flats, wedges, and boots. Peep-toe, round toe, pointy toe. Black patent leather, red satin, bright blue. Any shoe a girl could ever want I swear can be found at DSW. I definitely plan on going back. It's probably a good thing I don't have one in my area though, or else I would be broke! Not to mention, I wouldn't have enough room for them in my closet. Here are the two pairs that I bought. I would have gotten more, but because I wear a size 6 1/2  or 7, many of the others I had my eye on were sold out in my sizes.

Nude patent pumps, Steve Madden. I have been searching everywhere for nude heels! They make my short legs look much longer. I have a feeling I'm going to wear them to death in the summer.

Black, suede and leather, round toe pumps by Kenneth Cole Reaction. These are so comfortable. And I just love the chain detailing on the toe. I die for these.

So cute =)

Just to show you what I mean about not having enough room for shoes in my closet...as well as not having enough room for clothes either! Ugh, I so wish I had a large walk-in! One day...

I try to keep everything organized, but it still looks a bit messy. If you guys have any storage ideas, let me know! The boxes on the right contain shoes I don't wear very often so maybe I'll get rid of some.

I probably won't be able to post again until Sunday, so have a happy weekend! Thanks for reading ♥


Lately, I have been craving softly colored nail polish. Don't get me wrong, I still love my dark purples, wines, and greys. In fact, I am currently wearing O.P.I.'s "Lincoln Park at Midnight" which is a beautiful slightly shimmery dark purple...the cousin of the infamous "Lincoln Park After Dark." There's just something so undeniably sultry about dark nails that I have grown to really appreciate. There used to be a time where I only wore pale pinks and nudes. That was it. Well I am happy to say that I have ventured over to the dark side, and it couldn't be better! Except, I'm kind of growing tired of staring down at dark nails, made even darker in contrast to my pale skin. I think I'm just sick of Winter in general! I want warm sun, bronzey makeup, and a tan! Oh, and I also want to start moving away from the darkside and into the light. I am hoping these three Essie nail polishes will help move things along. They were buy two, get one free at Trade Secret. One is called Luscious Lips, which is a very sheer peachy-pink. The second is called Neo-whimsical and it is such a pretty lilac color with just a hint of pink. The third is actually my favorite. It is called Van D'Go and it is the prettiest true peach polish I have ever seen.

Left to Right: Luscious Lips, Neo-Whimsical, Van D'Go. I know the first and third look the same but they are actually very different. Van D'Go is much more peach and also more opaque in person while Luscious Lips is very sheer and is more pink in comparison.

I plan on doing NOTD posts with these pretties, so stay tuned!
♥ Noelle